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These Email Marketing Trends Will Grow Your Business In 2021

Email is probably the Internet’s oldest form of communication that still has an enormous impact. While we may not be hanging out in newsgroups or sending IRC chats anymore, we continue to use email. It’s a way to share information and make connections, and most consumers don’t want their inbox to be crowded with sales pitches and special offers.

That’s why email marketers need to rethink the approach. As the world became increasingly virtual during the pandemic, everyone is looking for value in their online communications. Here’s how your email marketing can forge an authentic connection with your audience in 2021, leading to better brand loyalty and more sales.

Give them a way to imagine life with your product

Brick-and-mortar shopping was already in decline before the pandemic. Now, consumers will continue to look for products and services online. Unfortunately, the digital world makes it more difficult for your prospective customers to imagine themselves with your product. They cannot pick it up or try it on; they can’t get the sense of your office or physical space.

One of the latest email trends is a focus on immersive design. This helps recipients imagine themselves with your product. You can use whimsical illustrations, such as Mint Mobile, or skeuomorphic frames in which you embed a design in a mock device such as a smartphone screen. These techniques help your audience imagine how things will work if they buy from you, which can help them overcome objections and make a purchase. 

Communicate through images rather than text

Let’s face it: no one reads emails. They skim the content and make a snap decision on whether or not to take action. That’s why many email marketers are skipping long-form email copy in favor of snappy headlines and enticing CTAs.

The latest email design trends feature dramatic photography and vivid graphics to communicate the campaign’s core message. This can be risky because many consumers’ email clients disable images by default. However, if the brand can obtain opt-in and convince recipients to enable images, large photos and stunning designs can be a great way to connect with recipients. It’s also much easier to identify the CTA in these sorts of emails!

Be bold and complex

Email is primarily a messaging system, but it’s also an experience. There’s a potential for personalization, immersion, and authenticity that doesn’t often exist on the Web. A well-crafted email is essentially a love letter to your recipient: a clear, beautiful expression of your value proposition. 

To that end, many email designers are embracing large images, big fonts, bright colors, and innovative layouts that draw in the audience and capture their attention. While these sorts of website designs can be difficult to optimize for search engines, so-called “maximalist” email designs are the perfect way to show off your brand’s creativity. If you can convince customers to opt-in and enable images, you can treat them to a visually impressive, fully immersive experience. 

Personalize everything you can

If your email marketing provider is integrated with your website analytics, social media presence, and CRM, you can now send emails with unprecedented levels of customization. Imagine how many sales you could generate if you could send everyone on your mailing list a hyper-personalized email, fully suited to their interests and preferences. No two people would receive the same email.

That’s now possible — and it’s the biggest trend for 2021. Ultimately, consumers want to feel catered to. They want to feel confident that their problems will be solved, and they enjoy the opportunity to connect authentically with a brand. Hyper-personalized emails can achieve that. With modern email marketing software, you can customize everything from the header image to the CTA — all based on your recipients’ interests, buying behavior, and previous purchase. 

Wrapping Up

Email design trends in 2021 are all about bold imagery and immersive layouts — but a strong brand connection is still at the heart of effective marketing. Ultimately, consumers don’t want to receive “just another email.” They want to know that a brand has their interests in mind, and they’re excited about a unique, personalized experience. So in 2021, make sure that your email marketing is poised for success: with hyper-personalized, well-designed emails that make a deep connection.

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