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Recognizing Your Toxic Behaviors: 5 Ways To Make Yourself More Desirable

Doing a little soul searching and being self-aware can change the course of your life. We’re all guilty of having toxic behaviors at some point in life. It happens. Recognizing how attitudes and choices play a role in our everyday lives is the first step towards making changes that will allow for positive growth.

Stop Focusing On The Negative

Some people believe in the power of manifesting your thoughts and it happens more often than you may think. Have you ever considered buying a yellow car? You may go days without noticing a single yellow car but once you have it on your mind, you’ll start seeing them pop up everywhere. It’s no different when you choose to focus on the negative things in life.

Every job has its pitfalls. Not every day is fun or fulfilling, but how you choose to view those low points will have a lasting impact on your overall mood, job satisfaction, and ultimately your performance. You’ve heard the old saying: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Your attitude determines the outcome of the high and low of your life. Start recognizing when things go right and celebrate the small victories.

Don’t Be A Victim, Be A Leader

Chances are you know someone who is always a victim in every story of their life. Think about it. Do they ever really get ahead? Having a victim mentality is one of the most toxic and self-limiting traits you can have. Victims believe everyone is out to get them and make sure that they never succeed. In reality, it’s the victim mentality that makes sure they never progress in their endeavours.

Even in the times when you may truly be the victim, you can choose to take the higher road and flaunt your moral fortitude. The difference between and victim and a leader is that leaders never give up. No matter how much things seem the be playing against them, leaders always take a step back, reassess the situation and create another plan of attack. When things don’t go your way, challenge yourself to find another solution. Adjusting your attitude and seeing yourself as a problem solver and overcomer will transform the world around you. Things have a way of falling into place for those who never quit. Try it. You may surprise yourself!

Be The Best Because You Can, Not Because Of Praise

We all thrive on praise. From the time we are born our parents praise us, then our teachers, and eventually we seek praise in the workplace. When it comes to the working world, not all corporations or organizations actively praise their employees. With expectations comes disappointment. When we expect praise for doing a good job, we can quickly become bitter when our hard work seems to go unnoticed.

Having integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Have integrity in your work and strive to always be the best at your job whether or not your superiors ever recognize it. You’ll go home at the end of each day feeling proud of yourself, knowing that you gave it your all. Being an inspiration for co-workers can even boost morale. Eventually your hard work and dedication will pay off.

Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes

Learn the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is sharing someone’s emotions: sadness, pity, grief and sorrow. We have sympathy for families who lose a loved one or a new mom who is sleep deprived. 

Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Empathy is imagining what life must be like for a widow to go to sleep alone for the first time in 40 years or the stress of a mom trying to soothe a crying baby on 3 hours of sleep while a toddler fights the stomach bug. Empathy is the building block for compassion and compassion is what forms human connections.

Seek to have empathy for the people around you. By imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes, you’re better able to understand why they do the things that they do. Never assume someone has life easier than you because what you see on the outside may just be an illusion. By having empathy, you’re enabling yourself to build partnerships with the people around you. Empathic people recognize when others need a hand up. It’s a quality that some of the greatest leaders possess.

Control Your Emotions

When you realize that not everything in life deserves a reaction, your life becomes a lot more peaceful. The fact of the matter is, there are just some things we can’t change. Sometimes we have to roll with the waves of life and take it as it comes.

It’s easy to let your anger and frustration overflow from your mind and out of your mouth. Home life can be chaotic and workloads can pile on, making your shoulders feel like bricks. Stop, breathe, and be aware of what you are feeling. Only you can control what you react to and how you react to it..

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