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Personalization For eCommerce Businesses

Have you ever visited a site, or browsed something on the web, and then seen ads targeted towards what you looked at the next few days? Maybe you were checking out a snazzy new jacket for an upcoming event and then boom, the next day you’re seeing ads for jackets similar or the same jacket and brand that you were looking at. Or maybe you’ve received an email about a similar jacket after you were looking at the jacket or a discount when you revisited the site. 

This isn’t done by accident and it’s actually a very popular form of marketing that companies use called personalization. It lets companies directly target what companies were considering purchasing. Personalization is done through a few different ways that companies target consumers. This could be seeing a Facebook ad after you’ve had an item sitting in your cart for a while or receiving an email about the item. 

Consumers typically consider this to be one of the creepier methods of getting customers, but it is effective. It’s a popular method that eCommerce businesses usually use since it helps businesses target exactly what individuals are looking for in their shop. Let’s take a look at personalization for eCommerce businesses. 

Why You Want To Use Personalization 

It Improves The User Experience 

Let’s be honest, if you’re showing individuals what they want to see and targeting them with products that you know they’re interested in, they’re getting a better experience. Seeing relevant content while you’re online is far better than just seeing random ads that you have no interest in. If you’re browsing a shop online for a specific type of product, you’re not going to have an interest in seeing things unrelated to the product that you’re looking for. 

Each User Gets A Personal Experience 

When you own an eCommerce shop, you’re not getting the opportunity to have your sales team walk up and talk to customers like they would in a physical shop. They’re not getting to talk to customers and target them with their style or personal likes. With personalization, you’re getting the opportunity to do that, just digitally. Companies do this by targeting individuals with ads and ‘More Like This’ pages. This is targeting the individual’s likes and preferences. 

You Gain Knowledge Of Customer Experience 

As an eCommerce store, you want to gain as much knowledge of customer habits and likes as possible. You want to know as much about the users that are buying from your store and want they like as possible. This can help users know what they need to do differently with their shop depending on what consumers like. Knowing buyer’s trends and habits can be crucial when running a business that correctly targets audiences. 

Tips For Getting The Perfect Personalization Marketing 

Personalization marketing in itself can be hugely beneficial for your company, but it’s the quality of the marketing that really matters. You want to examine different ways that personalization is used in eCommerce and how businesses target consumers in the best way possible. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can get the perfect personalization marketing. 

Recently Viewed 

Featuring a recently viewed page can allow users to jump back in and pick up where they left off. Sometimes users leave a product because they’re considering the prize or it’s as easy as they got distracted and went to a different tab. Having the ease of being able to hop back to it quickly with easy instructions makes it easier to come back to a product after you’ve left. 

Pop-Ups That Aren’t Just An Annoyance 

99% of the time pop-ups are nothing more than a giant annoyance. When you’re in the middle of looking at a website, and maybe you’re undecided of whether or not you even want to purchase from them yet, a pop-up is nothing more than an annoyance during your shopping than a benefit. Make your pop-up a value to the user, not an annoyance. Use personalization to offer your users something that you know they want or a worthwhile discount on an item they were looking at. 

Personalize Home Pages 

Home pages are the perfect opportunity to use personalization marketing for your company. This is your chance to directly target consumer’s needs and catch their attention the second that they land on your page. You can personalize this depending on their location, browsing history, and purchasing trends. Ever wonder why Netflix displays movies that you’re recommended to like on your home screen? Because it’ll get you to click on them based on what you’ve previously watched. 

Use CTAs 

CTAs are the most popular form of personalization since they actively involve the user and encourages them to interact. You can learn the most about your consumers when you see if they’re directly looking at pages and going to them. Putting CTAs to buy the product that users are interested in directly on your homepage and giving them the option to buy it from there can show you a lot. 

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