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How To Design A Logo With A Tagline Or Slogan

Both taglines or slogans are designs that are no easy task to create with logos. It must be created just right to ensure that they are perfect for displaying your company’s personality and, when included with a logo, this can be a daunting task.

 Know your brand personality. ​In short, a tagline or slogan is a brief representation of your mission statement. This means that you must know not only what your mission statement is, but also what your brand personality and brand identity are. It is crucial that you understand this fully before beginning designing your logo.

● Experiment. ​Your tagline must be just right, and it’s best to know what fits it by experimenting a little. The tagline or slogan should always be a bit smaller than your logo or brand name, so as not to overpower it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t still have room to work with. You should experiment with it until you find something that looks good, and you feel confident with.

● Add a tagline. ​The importance of a slogan is crucial. Whether you take your time or add one in, there is absolutely no doubt that you do need a tagline for your business. It’s essential that it works with your logo and is perfect to represent to your customers. It helps to bring your brand to life and bring it’s personality out.

● Design two versions. ​To check if your logo is right, you’ll want to create two different versions; one with your tagline and one without. The simpler version can be used on platforms when necessary and, when you use the full one, you’ll be confident that it looks good.

● Deciding to add a tagline. ​When you choose to add a tagline to your business, it will impact your business significantly. Although many people assume that adding a tagline, since assuming it to be such a small part of the company, is not essential, should really put serious thought into having a tagline for their business.

Although appearing small, the impact that a tagline will have on your business is great. It speaks for your business and helps customers (and future customers) to know your business and what it does. Remember to put serious thought into whether or not your business needs a tagline before adding one; it’s a big decision.

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