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Evolving Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Businesses should constantly be growing their company; whether it be through developing new products or having new thoughts on your marketing strategy, it’s important that throughout the years you adapt and develop your company, helping it evolve with the times.

A little confused when it comes to what you can do to adapt new concepts and ideas to your marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for evolving your small business marketing strategy.

Take Advantage Of Social Media Engagement

I’m sure that social media marketing isn’t new to you; the concept is pretty textbook nowadays. Social media engagement marketing probably isn’t even new to your company marketing strategy; when it comes to marketing, just about everyone raves about having people engage with them through social media.

But social media engagement is much more than simply commenting back to a few people on your posts. You have to devote time to building a relationship with your followers before you’ll be able to truly engage with them. This starts with sharing valuable content (not just promotion for your business) that will genuinely have them interested.

You have to know what your followers want to see, which means adjusting to each platform. For instance, a Pinterest account with followers may only be interested in high-quality images while a Twitter account should be sharing current news for content.

Increasing social media engagement, and fully taking advantage of it, starts with taking the time to get to know your followers. Ask them questions, interact with them, and talk to them. Be quick with responding to comments, let them know that you’re listening, and build an actual long term relationship with them. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Adjust Your Advertising

Advertisement and what attracts consumers to content is constantly changing. An advertising campaign that may have worked well three months ago could already need some adjustments made to it. Especially with the pandemic, advertisement strategies have changed rapidly throughout this year.

As with any good marketing techniques, you have to be willing to adapt and adjust where necessary with advertisement. The message that you send customers will have to change drastically according to what’s currently happening. No doubt, you’ve seen some of your favorite customers change their marketing and adjust their message according to what’s going on in the world around them.

As we go through a crisis, it’s important that you’re adjusting to the economy, your customers, and businesses changing.

Improve Your Online Images

Cameras, technology, and editing tools are constantly improving. What may have seemed like a high-quality image at one time could now be drastically outdated. Graphics that could have, a year ago, seemed perfect for the time period could now be seen as your site not be updated often enough.

The images that you show on your site and of your products are crucial when it comes to consumers choosing your company or not. It’s common for companies to initially set up their site and then forget about this part of their marketing plan. However, it’s important that your site is not only continually updated but also improved as technology and resources improve.

Take Technology Into Account

Technology is one aspect of our world that is constantly evolving, constantly changing throughout the years, even the months. When it comes to small businesses, technology plays a crucial part in it. When it comes to the tech for your company, it’s crucial that you’re fully educated on it.

Technology has enabled small businesses to go further and be more productive than ever. Through technology, businesses have been enabled to have co-workers communication better and more seamless than ever; with the platforms and apps we have now, it’s nearly impossible for there to be room for errors due to miscommunication in your company.

Technology has small businesses be much more productive through advanced methods within their company. Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) has automated countless jobs for
companies, increasing their productivity greatly. This leaves companies with the task of focusing on bigger jobs, enabling the company to flow more smoothly overall.


Chances are that if you have a small business and it’s going well, you’re thinking about making it into a franchise. This means that, if you are thinking about growing your company into a franchise and making it even more successful, you have to be aware and educated on everything to do with it before making the transition.

When you transition into a franchise, you have to accept that your responsibility just grew much larger in every aspect. But the good news is that when you start a franchise your responsibility isn’t the only thing that grows; your profits do too.

Although it’s tempting to dive into transitioning into a franchise instantly, it’s important to do research before. A franchise can certainly help when it comes to evolving your marketing strategy, but it also means a lot more responsibility.

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