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Creating Social Media Graphics

Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement on their posts than posts without. Tweets with images receive 150% retweets than those without. This is the same with nearly every social media platform out there; posts do better if there are images included. So, in the billions of images seen on these social media platforms daily, how do you make yours stand out?

Read this article to see the options you have to create unique images for your social media platforms quickly and create images that will set you apart from the millions of businesses using social media.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the top free design tools available. If you’re looking for a tool that will give you resources to create minimalistic, modern, classy, and powerful images for your company, then Adobe Spark is the perfect choice for you. Adobe Spark offers dozens of free templates sorted by the type of design, size, and industry category. You can then customize the templates after with the easy to use tools available.

An option that you won’t see many platforms offer is that Spark allows you to change the design layout or if desired the template itself from the sidebar. This makes an easy process if you want changes made instead of having to start over again.

Another significant aspect of Spark is that they allow you to do more than create designs. You’ll have the option to use two other project types; videos and pages. With the video option, you’ll get access to a video editing app to edit your videos. If you choose to use pages, you can create stylish and sleek web pages.


If you’re familiar with the business world, then you already know about the standard text over image posts that are shared on countless businesses’ social media accounts. Snappa takes this to another level, allowing you to create high-quality images to share; after all, it’s impossible to go wrong with sharing an image with some text on your profile.

Snappa, due to the emphasis that they put on having vibrant images available, has a template library available to its users. They want users to have the opportunity to get the perfect image for their posts. They offer a wide variety of free images for users to choose from, and you’ll also have the option to upload your own images. Either way, Snappa ensures that you’ll get the perfect image for your post.

When it comes to text, Snappa is equally as great. You can easily edit your text, adjusting the font, line spacing, and more. It isn’t a vast amount of options or a wide variety, but it’s enough to give you space to create fantastic posts through images and text.


Canva has created a simple and straightforward process that has made it easier than ever for its users to create unforgettable, high-quality images for their social media platforms. Even the amateur, who’s never touched graphic design before, will find Canva an easy and quick platform to create their social media posts. Or, for the pro at creating social media posts, Canva has the perfect process.

You have the opportunity to create your layout and choose from Canva’s extensive library of free layouts provided for its users. Canva’s library, supplied with the free version, is filled with icons, layouts, text styles, images, and more. This library, whether you decide to upload your own image or choose from Canva’s, gives you the resources to create the best social media images possible.

Although some may argue that Canva doesn’t offer its users as much flexibility as other significant platforms may, it makes it up with the awesome templates it provides. Canva has over 10 million users, and there’s a good reason why; the platform is perfect for everyone who uses it, with all different experience levels, and gives impressive results that you’ll be proud to show on your social media profiles.

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