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Characteristics Of A Successful Business Owner

Small business owners have a lot in common. They are resourceful and creative, among other things. But aside from finding common traits among business owners, there’s an important question to ask: What traits do the ​best ​ business owners have?

Business owners are a small percent of the population. When you talk about which ones are the ​best ​ , you are talking about a small group of people indeed. It’s an elite group, really.

Characteristics Of A Successful Business Owner

What Makes A Business Owner Great?

In life, you will always find good, better, and best options. The best business owners are usually the great among us. They’ve accomplished something few can dream of. Founding or buying a business and keeping it alive takes a lot of grit, and it’s a rare achievement.

Whether they make or buy them, great business owners are people who bring something unique to this world.

They are sometimes philanthropic. On a smaller scale, they might be a notable volunteer or donor to local causes.

They are often extremely productive. They usually get more done in a day or two than a lot of people can get done all week.

They tend to work long hours. They take ownership seriously, and they back up their stake in the game with a lot of effort.

Perhaps more than anything, you will find that great business owners have faith in their business. They want to sustain the energy at its core because they know that good is coming from it.

How You Get to Be Great

The road to greatness is long for most people. Some achieve stardom in business early, but it’s rare to see that. Great business owners have often had their share of difficulties, especially when they first set out as an entrepreneur.

For many people, greatness in business takes some serious thought and a lot of experience. By many accounts, it takes a bit of eccentricity as well.

Some very great business owners started with unusual ideas. They did not always have especially supportive backgrounds or a lot of business experience at first. But they stuck with it
through thick and thin. In the end, people like Steve Jobs and John D. Rockefeller made their businesses flourish.

Of course, we all know some local small-to-mid-sized businesses that are owned by great people. They might not be as famous as Steve Jobs. But they, too, stuck with their idea in some capacity.

What Traits Make People Great as Business Owners?

If you read about entrepreneurship in any amount, you will see a long list of traits that belong to entrepreneurs. They are quite flattering. But the traits below don’t just make you a business owner, they can make you a great one.


Passion is a common trait among many great business owners. It takes passion to make a business thrive on any scale. Great business owners are passionate about their business, but they often have a passion for other things as well.

They might be passionate about developing people. Volunteering might be their gift. Or, they might just be passionate about business and leadership in general. Whatever it is, they develop this passion at some point in their life.

It makes them stand out as business owners. It also gives their business a special energy that is contagious.


To make a business work, you have to absorb risk at some point. But being adventurous isn’t just about taking risks. Most people with business acumen are good at taking calculated risks that bring life to their businesses. But being truly adventurous is also about embracing the journey, complete with its successes and failures.

Adventurous businesspeople are up for whatever life throws their way. They don’t need to have their whole life planned out in advance.


Vigor doesn’t just mean doing a lot in life. It means tackling what you do with energy. Business owners tend to work long hours. But those who have been around local businesses and met the owners know that special energy that they carry with them.

Vigor is about putting all that you’ve got into what you’re doing with some heart.


Great business owners remain committed to certain things. They are definitely committed to showing up every day and putting the work in. But they might have a commitment to certain values that make their business stand out. They might be committed to their community or to leadership.

Whatever that special thing is that they are committed to, it stands out. This commitment is part of the special bundle of traits that accompany great business owners.

These four traits are hard to find in people, but they are a really rare find when they are all put together. Those people that have all four might just be part of that unique group we call great business owners.

Sometimes they make things look easier than they are. They are often amazing leaders, and they tend to know their way around a problem. It’s always an experience meeting a great business owner.

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