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Hi everyone! Take a look at this bad-ass winning logo design for an off-road welding company. Impressive job, babyakina!

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The Complete History Of The Columbia Pictures Logo

As one of America’s leading film and television companies, Columbia Pictures is a staple for many movie and film aficionados. Founded back in 1924, the public company is part of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment since 1989. 

Today, Columbia Pictures is among the top five U.S. studios, consisting of several divisions, the largest of which is TriStar Pictures.

Throughout the nearly one hundred years of its existence, Columbia Pictures has been rebranded 14 times, changing its logo and television screen imagery. In many instances, a logo would only last a year or two.

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Featured Design Contest: Restore And Refresh Aesthetics

This design contest spotlight features a new logo Hatchwise created for a brand new skincare business called Restore and Refresh. Even though the contest creator, Mstumler, offered a modest prize of $50, they received what may possibly be a literal metric ton of entries. 

The client requested a simple, circular design, with possibly a splash of color to make it stand out.

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Featured Design Contest: So-Well

Today we’re looking at a logo design contest that was run on Hatchwise for a new company called So-Well, and it’s a great example of what happens when contest holders are actively engaged with the project. The client, jammes.t, provided feedback in the form of star ratings, and received 798 entries for a $350 cash prize.  

So-Well is a new company whose purpose is to connect massage practitioners with their clients. The design brief requested that the logo include the brand name plus a tagline. 

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The History Of The Instagram Logo

Instagram serves roughly one billion active users globally, and as a photo-sharing app, it’s devoted immense sums of money to creating a memorable logo.
Before 2010, it may have been hard to imagine that a photo-sharing app would be worth billions and become a crucial income and marketing tool for millions of other brands. The Instagram logo is prominent almost everywhere you look, and because of that weight, the company has gone to intense measures to ensure it’s just right.
Let’s explore the Instagram logo, how the business came to be, and how its most recent logo iteration wholly departed from its original design but has remained one of the most recognizable logos across the globe.

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