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Why Logo Design Contests Are Awesome

Whether you’re an experienced logo designer or a new graphic designer who’s interested in expanding your skillset, a logo design contest is a great way to expand your portfolio — and potentially make a large mark on a business. And if you’re a business owner looking to define or revamp a brand, a logo contest can provide you with an amazing asset to use in your brand kit at an affordable price.

Many aspiring designers join logo design contests to get their feet wet, and seasoned designers might do it to challenge themselves with new styles or clients in a new industry. By participating, you not only expand your portfolio, but you also have the chance to get your design accepted as a key part of their branding.

And many new businesses take part in logo design contests to obtain a key part of their branding. By drawing from a logo contest, you gain a unique opportunity to predict and execute new ideas.

Here’s why you should participate in or run a logo design contest.

Why You Should Participate in a Logo Design Contest

It will help you challenge yourself There’s nothing quite like entering a contest to make yourself push your craft to the next level. Being part of a logo design contest is more than just competing against other people; you’re also forcing yourself to think outside the box and push yourself toward new levels of your art.

Plus, the competitive nature of a logo contest should help motivate your best work. It will boost your professional network In most logo design contests, your name and business are made available to all participants and stakeholders in the contest. Even if you do not win, you’re making valuable connections with people who could get you work in the future.

You’re also putting your unique work and design style out there for others to see.

How to Enter a Logo Design Contest

Design contests are regularly posted online, so if you’d like to try your hand at the competition, you probably won’t have to look far. When you find a design contest that you’d like to enter, be sure that you fully understand the creative brief and any applicable deadlines. In some contests, the client will provide feedback during the competition process.

Always respond promptly and favorably to help ensure your chances of winning.

Why You Should Run a Logo Design Contest

It will get you an amazing logo for an affordable price The way that most design contests work is that you pay for the winning piece. You don’t need to pay multiple designers or an agency for results you might not be happy with. This saves you a lot of time and money.

And because it’s a competition, all designers are putting in their best effort, which benefits you with stunning logo design! It will connect you to potential freelancers You might be overwhelmed with great choices.

While you can only choose one winner, the good news is that you’re meeting a range of designers, all of whom are now more familiar with your brand. You can always call upon the runners-up for other design needs. Running a logo design contest exposes you to a wide pool of talent, which is an invaluable resource to have when you’re running a business.

How to Run a Design Contest

All that said, running a logo design contest can be time-consuming and tiring. Most people opt to use a platform such as Hatchwise to handle the logistics of recruiting and organizing designers. That leaves you more time to develop a creative brief so that you’re more likely to get the results you want.

Be sure that you think carefully about the values and concepts you want to be expressed in your logo. A strong creative brief helps the designers understand your vision. Then, give careful feedback throughout the process. The winner who emerges should be fully versed in your brand.

Wrapping Up

Logo design contests present a wonderful opportunity for growth for both business owners and designers. Business owners who need a logo fast or who want to reach outside their established network benefit from a wide pool of talented designers who are competing to produce the best results.

Designers who want to challenge themselves and make some new professional connections should try their hand at competitive design. A logo design contest is a win-win for all involved.

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