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Why Are Startups So Popular?

Entrepreneurs everywhere are riding the wave of startups, hoping to be the one that stays up the longest. People who are content with the old daily grind way of making a living are scratching their heads wondering what in the world has gotten into this generation.

These entrepreneurs are not content with getting a job and working for the man from 9-5 five days a week. Instead, they’re looking for freedom, to plan their own schedule, to work for themselves, and only when they want to.

Times have changed, and with the times, people have changed as well. They’re ready to do something, to take their life and their future into their own hands. It’s not that it’s easy to start a business, but when the alternative is slaving away for someone else to profit, people find the struggle of a startup well worth the effort.

But, why?

There are a few reasons why so many people are entering the world of startups.

● Technology

Technology has opened the door to limitless business opportunities and ideas. No longer does one need to lease office space or storefront in order to start a business, nor do they need to advertise only to their local consumers. The internet has provided the chance for businesses of all kinds to pop up online-only, market to their target from all over the world, and even do so from the comfort of their own home.

Essentially, technology has made entrepreneurship possible for the masses, and the masses are embracing it wholeheartedly. The future is wide open.
● Mindset

Most people have experienced a progressive mindset over recent years. Where they once desired a steady income and a stable life, they now realize that there are no guarantees with any job and that there is much more to life anyway.

Successful startups abound, and people are beginning to take notice. They realize that there is an alternative to working themselves to the bone in a job that might disappear the next day. Mindset is changing, and with it, people are beginning to use their voice and make a change.

● Self-fulfillment

There is a voice inside each person that fills them with unique passions and cares. In the past, people have pushed that voice aside in order to go out and make money. But the idea of suppressing their passions is no longer appealing. In fact, many people are beginning to realize that not only will they not find fulfillment without embracing and using their passions, they are also keeping something great from the world.

Today people have learned that they can take their passions and use them to craft a unique startup. This endeavor fulfills them, as they are able to share what they care about most with the world.


Entrepreneurship brings freedom. Freedom from submitting to someone else, freedom from small raises and sick days, freedom from driving into an office at 8 AM every day. Entrepreneurship brings freedom to work from wherever you want, to travel, to use your money, and to live the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

People want to own their lives and starting your own business makes that happen.

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