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What to Expect from a Freelance Graphic Designer vs. an On-Demand Graphic Design Service

Graphic design is a huge part of the business world and this means that thousands of businesses are scrambling to find the best graphic designer on or offline to work on projects for them. Choosing a graphic designer for your company isn’t as easy as hiring the first one that you see. You want to know what you’re looking for before you decide to hire a graphic designer. 

Most companies think that the only option, and the choice that they think is preferred, is to go with a freelance graphic designer. However, an option that not many companies explore is an on-demand graphic design service. With an on-demand graphic design service, you’ll pay a flat monthly rate and in exchange, you’ll receive unlimited graphic design from the company. 

The next question is usually which one you should choose. Freelancers and graphic designers both have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. Choosing one isn’t easy, but looking at the pros and cons can help you get on the right path of deciding which one is the best option for your company. 

On-Demand Graphic Design Service 

It used to be that the only option and the first choice was to hire a freelancer if you were looking for graphic design. But now there are options for unlimited graphic design, a choice which sounds good to companies once they’ve heard of it. Companies prefer this mostly for the user-friendly experience and the simple, efficient, and affordable service. 


Freelance graphic designers have been around for ages and therefore have an up on the on-demand graphic design industry for no other reason than that they’re familiar with them. Freelancers have no commitment; they’re contractors that do their job and get their money. They usually snag high-paying clients and, although it’s possible to find a talented freelancer, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get them on future projects. 

Weighing Out The Differences 

When you’re thinking about the speed and quality aspect of graphic design, it can be tempting to assume that freelancers will give you the best of both. After all, they’re a graphic designer dedicated to giving you the best result, right? This isn’t always the case. Nearly all freelancers have more than one client, meaning that they could be working on more than a dozen projects at once. 

This may result in poor quality and slow communication, time and results. On the other hand, on-demand graphic design services strive to give you the best of both to keep clients happy. Usually, you’ll have a dedicated manager who makes sure that everything is flowing well between you and your graphic designer, and if it isn’t you can let them know. 

If you’re thinking about going with a freelancer and assuming that they’re going to be committed to you and your brand and achieving results that will actually work for you, think again. Freelancers are taking on multiple clients at once to increase their revenue so they’re trying to figure out multiple brands. Many freelancers won’t be with you long term and they know this. They don’t bother taking the time trying to figure out your brand and getting to know you. 

With an on-demand graphic design service, on the other hand, you can get a team that will work with your brand multiple times and really gets to know it. They’re committed to giving you a result that actually works for your brand and will give you success. This means that you could get a team of graphic designers who already knows your brand and will know what you need when you ask for it. 

The next thing that you’ll want to put some thought into is the cost of freelancing vs. on-demand graphic design. If you’re looking to get the first cheap logo design that crosses your screen, then freelancing can give you that. But if you’re thinking about long-term scalability, quality and commitment, think about on-demand graphic design. You can get a freelancer for as little as $5 on Fiverr, but you aren’t assured quality. 

With on-demand graphic design, you’ll pay a flat monthly rate. Exact ratings vary based on which service you decide to go with and what plan you decide on, but most companies will have options that are affordable for everyone. You can find on-demand graphic design starting at as little as $399/month and prices higher for more detailed plans. 

Wrapping Up 

It can be dangerous to merely assume that your company should go with a freelancer without at least taking the time to check out the options for on-demand graphic design. If you’ve been on the fence between hiring a freelance graphic designer or going with an on-demand graphic design service then we hope this article has helped you make your decision. 

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