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What To Avoid When Designing a Logo 

Your logo is basically everything to your business. It’s what the public sees, what customers associate you with and, most importantly, what represents your business. When you think of Mcdonalds, what pops to mind? Unless you just envisioned a big mac, your thoughts probably went to the iconic logo. That’s why your logo is so important. It’s what people think of when they think about your business and what automatically comes to mind.

When you design your logo, you want to make sure that your logo is the very best it can be.  There are many things that you can do to ensure that your logos will be the best yet and there are things you can avoid to ensure that you don’t make mistakes. In this blog post,  that’s exactly what we’ll talk about; what to avoid when designing your logo.

What to avoid when designing your logo.

1. Plagiarism. ​Nothing is as uncool as stealing someones else’s logo. If you’re designing the logo for your business, you want it to be original, and you want it to be ​yours ​ . It’s okay to get inspiration, but be sure that the lines aren’t blurred between inspiration and just plain plagiarism.

2. Bad font. ​The font on a logo is one of the most significant and crucial parts of it. You want your logo, and overall brand, to have a specific style and look. Whether this is silly, classy, or professional, you want to continue your look, and that’s where your font comes in. The font on a logo can either make or break it. Be sure that, when choosing the font, you take your time and carefully pick out one that compliments your logo.

3. Driven by a trend. ​Trends are fantastic, and you should be all for them, but not ​too for them. Marketing trends rock, but you should maintain the distance between following a trend and just looking plain cliche. Be aware of the most current trends,  but you don’t have to stick to them completely. Instead of focusing on the trend,  focus on what your logo is saying about ​your ​ company. What do you want to say to your customers? What do you want your customers to see?

4. Bad colors. ​Colors are a crucial part of your business, and you want to make sure your logo is as visually appealing as possible. This means that you want to take your time and choose colors that will do your business justice. You want your logo to be displayed in shades that are vibrant and go nicely with your brand’s look.

5. Overly complicating the logo. ​You don’t want your logo to be too complicated. This doesn’t mean that you have to make your logo plain, but you don’t want it to be too much for your customers either. They should be able to figure it out reasonably fast the second they see it, without having to take too much time. It can be tempting to keep adding, but you want it to still be simple and not too much for your customer’s eyes.

Overall, logos are one of the essential parts of your business. Above are five things that you want to avoid, at all costs, when designing your logo. We hope this blog post has helped show you what you don’t want to do when designing your logo.

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