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What Is An Infographic?

Wondering what an infographic is? What are the different types of infographics? How can you use infographics? We’re here to give you answers to these questions. In this article, we answer what an infographic is, go over a detailed explanation of what each type of infographic is, and more. 

If you’re interested in learning about infographics and the work behind it and the details of infographics, we answer it all in this article. 

What Is An Infographic? 

An infographic is exactly like it sounds; an informative graphic. Although infographics are and have been for the past decade, the go-to marketing tool, people still constantly question what they are. Even if they have the base idea of what an infographic is, we’ve seen far too many people use the wrong name for the incorrect type of infographic. 

So, in this article, we’ve taken the task of informing you what an infographic is and the different types of infographics. You’ve probably come across an infographic more than once in your lifetime. Whether it was on the internet, in your doctor’s office, or a magazine, it’s not uncommon to have seen a few infographics before. 

An infographic visually conveys information that is communicated through visuals. Different types of infographics serve different purposes. Some are informative, some are educational, and others have different purposes depending on what they’re being used for. 

Types of Infographics 

As I’m sure you can imagine, with something so widely used and so popular, there are multiple forms of infographics and, depending on which you need, you’ll need to do some research on which infographic is suited to your needs. 

Editorial Design Infographics 

Although they may not seem as recognizable as information design infographics, our last type of infographics are also fairly common in our day and age. Editorial designs have been being used for decades in newspapers and now, with the web, have been transitioning to online. Although it used to be that these types of designs were limited to pie charts and lines, now graphic content has seen an uprising with it. 

Information Design Infographics 

Next up on our list are information design infographics. This type of infographic focuses on displaying information through design efficiently and effectively. With information design, designers attempt to create an infographic that will clearly display a message that everyone will be able to understand. These are probably the most common for you to see in your day to day life. 

Data Visualization Infographics 

Data visualization graphics are infographics that visually convey something through basic graphs and charts, which I’m sure you’re already familiar with. Using a data visualization graphic, information is transformed into a visual language that will make it easy and quick to understand. 

Although they may not always be done expertly and be as easy to understand, they can be both beautiful and easy to decipher when they’re executed well and done professionally. 

How Can I Create An Infographic? 

Now that you’ve learned what an infographic is and the different types, you may be wondering how you can create an infographic. Well, there’s two different ways. If you find that you have talent in the graphic design field, you can always create it yourself. Although it may seem daunting, with a bit of research, you’ll be producing perfect infographics in no time. 

The second is to seek professional help. Any good designer will be able to provide you with a high-quality infographic that suits your brand and works well for you.

Sometimes, even if you have the skill to create an infographic, it can be quicker and easier to bring in an expert to get the job done for you. Even if you decide to do it yourself, it never hurts to seek help. Designers, or even a quick google search, will be able to tell you what you need to know about creating an infographic.

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