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Creating The Perfect Real Estate Website Design

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions and biggest investments that a person can make. It can be daunting and stressful so building trust and rapport with clients early on can make all the difference. 

Real estate websites use different strategies for converting website visits to actual sales. The strategy used depends on the type of company and who their target client is.

Common tactics:

  • Virtually bring people inside
  • Showcase the area they serve
  • Personalizing the process and putting a face to a name
  • Putting properties on the map, literally

Draw Potential Clients Into The Home

One great method for converting website traffic is to bring potential clients into the homes via photos and virtual tours. This gets clients excited to view the properties in person. When a person goes looking for a home or office space, they’re constantly imagining themselves in that space. Of course, attractive properties are easier to sell so many agencies choose to highlight these properties on their website.

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That saying rings true even when shopping for a home. Buyers are picturing their families gathered in the living room, kitchens full of food and excitement during the holidays, and bedrooms where peace and comfort reign. Showcasing these elements in photos gets people excited to pick up the phone and schedule a showing.

Hiring a professional photographer may seem like a big expense but boy does it pay off! First impressions are everything. Photos on a website are frequently the first thing that is going to generate interest among potential clients. Things like lighting and angles can change the entire look and feel of a room. A professional eye can use these to your advantage.

Showcase Life As A Local

Some agencies focus on showcasing the area that they serve. This method gets people excited about the locale and on board with home shopping in a particular area. Photos and blurbs about the area can help viewers picture their life there.

  • City skylines
  • Tree lined streets
  • Local parks
  • Restaurants
  • Festivals
  • Schools

Friendly Faces And Happy Places

Making the website viewer feel as if they’re old friends is another tactic. Putting a face to a realtor or agency’s name can help people feel more comfortable and more likely to reach out for help. Buying a home is stressful so feeling that you have someone on your side is a huge plus. Home buying seems to be so focused on paperwork and your identity becomes less about who you are as a person and more about the amount of money you make. Change that feeling. Show website viewers who you are as a person and what you’re going to do to help them find the perfect fit.

Put Properties On The Map, Literally

Sometimes a city or town isn’t quite enough detail. This is especially true for commercial buyers or buyers with a long commute. Properties close to major roadways or interstates can be a big selling point, especially for commercial real estate. Putting properties on a map helps viewers get a quick idea of whether or not a property would be a good fit for their needs. Another thing to consider is mentioning parking availability for commercial spaces or urban homes.

Website Aesthetics

You’ve showcased the city, welcomed clients with your smiling face, and helped them imagine life in the properties you have to offer. Now make sure your site is aesthetically pleasing. Font and color schemes go a long way in relaying the feel of your agency. For example, if most of your properties are high end, downtown high-rise types, then neutral colors like greys, taupe, black, and white can help relay that sleek and clean feel. If your properties are mostly coastal then white with teals or blues coupled with more whimsical fonts can help convey the feeling of laying seaside. An agency’s identity can be taken to the next level with good website aesthetics.

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