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Tricks For Getting Your Business Out Of A Slump

Getting into a slump happens to the best of us. We get to a point where productivity lacks, and motivation doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It’s not uncommon and for the most part, it can be fairly easy to fix, but if left unaddressed, a small slump can turn into a bigger problem for your company.

What happens when left untreated is that a minor slump can begin to snowball into a much larger one across your entire company. This larger issue could be ads that suddenly aren’t effective anymore, social media that isn’t getting the results and traction that it should be, and/or email open rates that are suddenly experiencing a rapid dropping open rate. This can take a toll on both the company and employees and, if you aren’t careful, could have long-lasting results on your company. That’s why it’s important to get ahead of it early as soon as you notice the first sign of a slump.

So, now that you know the importance of getting ahead of this early, the question is, how do you get out of an unproductive slump? Read on below to find out some tips on navigating this.

Tricks For Getting Your Business Out Of A Slump

Switch your social media up

Just like you may experience sometimes, your followers can also get into a motivational slump. They may not want to post or engage with your brand, just because they aren’t feeling particularly motivated to. If you ever notice that your social media isn’t doing great despite the effort that you’re putting forth, consider revamping it. What may have worked well before, and what may have given you great results previously, may be an outdated trend or strategy.

Don’t fret if you notice this though. You can push your followers out of this motivational slump to get them to engage with your brand again by trying out some of these tactics below.

  • Plan out your postings so you can stay a step ahead. When you do this, you are posting in an intentional manner that isn’t too much or too little. And if you stay consistent, your followers will know when to visit your profile for new content and when to be engaged with your brand.
  • Mix up your visuals to generate traffic. Update your profile pictures and curate a new look and feel to your content to surprise your current followers and appeal to a new batch of followers.
  • Try a new social media channel to fill in gaps in engagement. Now is the time to put more energy into a social media platform you haven’t dedicated as much time to previously. Different platforms have different audiences.
  • Switch up your copywriting. Update your bios, curate new blog posts, and mix up your usual content. When you update your profiles, you’re actively grabbing the attention of followers.

Never forget that sometimes, when we’re in a slump, it can be as simple as hitting refresh on a few social media platforms to get your followers out of their motivational slump.

Give something away

Everyone loves free things so don’t procrastinate on giving away free goodies! That means how you can get out of a procrastination slump is through a giveaway. Give something away of value and promote it everywhere. There are never too many channels to promote this on so be sure to generate buzz on your website, social media platforms, and even your blog.

Hosting giveaways are great because:

  • They create a sense of obligation to purchase,
  • The word “free” generates irresistible buying impulses,
  • And if you give away something good, customers will spread the word!

Be sure to always use giveaways to get more subscribers to your email list by having them sign up with their email address to win. This can not only cause a boost in engagement and be attractive to your audience, but it can also cause some excitement within your company as traffic begins to spike!

Change your website up

When it comes to slumps, change is one of the best ways to get out of them. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing something up to create fresh motivation and to get a company on its feet again. Your website is one of the most crucial aspects of your company and if it’s been a while since you’ve switched it up, this could be your opportunity.

When it comes to updating your website to try to turn an unproductive slump around, give some of these tips a try:

  • Look at your competitors’ websites for inspiration,
  • Add powerful multimedia elements throughout different pages,
  • Optimize SEO to ensure you are search engine friendly,
  • And perform A/B testing to see what is working.

If you’ve been using the same design since you founded your company, consumers may have stopped paying attention to your business. That’s because people can tend to become blind or tune out fresh content after a while. If you’re feeling especially brave you can completely re-design your website, but usually a few tweaks here and there will do.

Check the stats of your business

If you’re ever wondering how to get out of an unproductive slump, it’s time to look at data. When you’ve reached the point in your business where it feels like you’re putting in the effort but are getting nothing in return, and aren’t seeing results, the stats won’t lie. Data from both your website and your advertisements will show you what is going wrong and will help you understand what needs to be refreshed.

So, what should you be looking for?

  • Utilize tracking tools to look at site traffic. This will show you what websites are the most popular, what your bounce rate is, and how much time visitors are spending on each page.
  • Based on what your tracking tools tell you, compare and contrast different pages to see what may have kept a customer on one page versus another, or how long each page takes to load.
  • Outside of your website performance, look at your email performance and social media engagement. Looking at this data will help you figure out where your company is going wrong.

As you are looking through your business’ stats, pay attention to any area you can improve upon. If you see an area where you can improve and see what you can do to better your company, ensure that you do it.

Switch up your routine

No one wants to hear it, and few will admit it, but sometimes your company is in a slump because you are. Your change in attitude may be rubbing off on your employees and can ultimately harm your company. There isn’t anything wrong with this; everyone experiences slumps. But you should try to get out of this motivational slump before it has permanent consequences for your company.

When you switch up your routine, you’ll find that you:

  • Experience a boost in productivity because you have newfound energy,
  • Have increased creativity because you are seeing and doing things outside of your typical day,
  • And that you are giving your brain the time it needs to recharge and refocus.

Try reading, listening to podcasts and music, or disconnecting from work for a bit. The most crucial part of getting out of a slump is moving; do something, anything to get yourself moving. Try new things and go back to the old things that you used to love. But, most of all, be patient with yourself. It’s never great when you’re in a slump, especially when it’s affecting your company, but you’ll get through it.

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