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The Secret To An Excellent Business Card

Your business card is a crucial marketing aspect of your business. A good business card will be able to convey your company, what you do, build trust and display your brand; this isn’t an easy task considering that you only have a small space to create the perfect design for your business card.

So, the question is how you can convey all this in one business card?

Well, it’s unrealistic to hope that you’ll be able to cram everything about your company onto your business card. You can’t realistically expect it to tell your company’s entire story. But the key is to put just enough on your business card that it’ll leave a lasting impression.

How do you accomplish that? Let’s see.

Keep It Simple

The key to a good business card is not attempting to put every detail on your business card. It should be short, simple, and eye-catching. There’s no need for you to put your entire company’s history on there, they can go to your website for that information. Your business card should simply display contact information, your website information, and your company name. This, paired with an eye-catching design, will have people not only remembering your company but also wanting to explore more.

Ensure Your Contact Information is Correct

There’s nothing worse than giving wrong information on a business card. You’ll have potential customers contacting wrong numbers, visiting the wrong website and this could be a disaster. Proofread and then proofread again until you’re positive that everything on the business card is correct.
Your contact information should include a phone number, email address, website information, and social media handles. Ensure that the font is readable and the size isn’t too small. You want the process of contacting you to be easy and as comfortable as possible for customers.

Design Matters

Many businesses make the common mistake of assuming that what they have to say means more than the design on the business card. Although you’ll want to pay attention to every bit of writing on your card, you also want to pay attention to the design itself. You want a design that aligns with your brand and still is attractive and eye-catching.
If you have any experience with marketing then I’m sure you’re already aware of the importance of making sure that your branding aligns. This includes your business card. The design should align with everything else of your branding.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make It Unique

Many business cards look identical. When it comes to the material of business cards, they’re usually all printed on card stock. Although this is the most common and effective way, you shouldn’t be afraid to make yours stand out from the others. Experiment with other materials and find out something that will work for your company and may become a trademark in the future. You could try out woods, metal, or transparent plastic. You never know what could come from it.

Check With A Designer

It never hurts and is usually a good idea to double-check with a designer before sending in your work for printing. If you’ve formatted and designed the card yourself then a second opinion on how it’ll turn out is a good idea. A designer will be able to tell you if your logo will be clear after printing and that your images are the right resolution.
Even a quick 30-minute chat can make all the difference when you get your cards back and see how they’ve turned out. Trust us, it’s worth it.

First Impressions Are Crucial

The first impression of your company is the one that will decide if a customer decides to use your service or not. It’s easy to not put a whole lot of effort into your business card and assume that it won’t do much. But your business card can be a crucial part of getting customers if used right.

The first impression that a potential customer gets of your business from your business card could be the deciding factor between whether or not you have a new customer. Ensure that you’ve decided if what you have on your business card is the first impression that you want people to have of your company.

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