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The Impact Of Colors

Colors and emotions are two of the most significant parts of our life. Outdoor and indoors, colors surround us. From a dark blue to bright pink, colors are something that we feel with every depth of our soul.

Emotions, on the other hand, are a feeling. Emotions are something that everyone feels and is a huge part of the human soul. From happy, anxious or sad, emotions are what evoke that chilling feeling in us.

So, what emotions do we feel when we see specific colors? Let’s take a look.


Many colors can spark joy or optimism in people. Many people feel this strongly in the autumn months because many of the colors that spark happiness are the ones that adorn the outdoors during these months.

Red and yellow are both in the warm color category, leading to a happy emotion. These colors, along with orange, can spark an energetic and giddy emotion for people.

Orange, in particular, can lead you to feel energized. Although it’s not too overpowering, it still grabs attention and pulls people in, leaving them feeling enthusiastic and energetic.

Yellow, on the other hand, gives you a different type of happy emotion. Yellow gives people the want to be spontaneous and the ever-growing excitement to want more. Have you ever seen a sunrise and immediately had the feeling that you could do anything? You could take on the world that very second? That’s the emotion you receive from seeing yellow.


On the second hand, we have colors that evoke the opposite emotion of joy; sadness. These colors are any muted colors you see. Dark blue or green, black, and grey are all colors that can evoke sadness.

These are colors that can easily evoke a sad emotion in many people. However, most of these colors are based on how they’re used. If, for instance, you see a black car it won’t have the same effect on you as black walls may.

Relaxing Colors

What colors relax and soothe you? Well, often these will be colors that can also have a sad effect on people, purely based on how they’re used. Purple is one that is often used to display sadness, but also can be soothing.

Green speaks contentment and health. There’s a reason why this color is associated with many landscaping companies. It’s used to convey health, cleanliness and a sense of calm.

Have you ever felt deeply relaxed while staring at the ocean or any great body of water? That’s the feeling associated with blue. It’s relaxing, calming and gives people a sense of contentment.


Any bright or thrilling color would be appropriate for this section. Energetic colors are any bright and vibrant ones. Neon and bright colors are instant to grab people’s attention and draw them in.

When a color stands out from the others it pops and makes you notice them in a way that you usually wouldn’t. They give you a refreshed feeling, ultimately leading to a thrilled and energetic emotion.

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