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The Five Main Types Of Design

Graphic design surrounds us; it’s on billboards, flyers, ads, social media, magazines, and nearly every aspect of our lives. As I’m sure you can imagine, with graphic design being in such use in our world, there are many different kinds needed.

Although there are many more kinds of graphic design then simply five, with many different uses, we’ll only list the five main types in this article.

Marketing Design

Marketing design is one of the most commonly known types of design. Every advertisement design that you see is a marketing design. When people think of graphic design, it’s no surprise that their first thought is an advertisement design; ads are a crucial part of the marketing world and the need for bright designs is important to grab consumer’s attention.

Marketing designers either work as a team as part of an online in-house team or on their own. Their main focus is on creating marketing materials, and this will usually involve working with marketing professionals and business owners to receive the perfect result for the company.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is another form of design that I’m sure many of our readers will be familiar with. Packaging design involves the process of creating attractive designs for products. As a designer, it’s a special talent to be able to create truly great package designs.

Package designs need to be able to grab the attention of the consumer and then convince them to buy the product out of all the other ones available. This isn’t an easy task. When people go to buy something, the visual plays a crucial part in whether or not they’ll invest in it.

Motion Design

Motion design is, simply, design in motion. This includes animation, video, audio, imagery, and many other effects that attribute to online media. The rise in motion graphics has risen drastically in these past few months, with designers having to step in to learn new talents involving motion graphics.

Now, with motion graphics being one of the newest additions to the design world, it’s on nearly every digital platform and you’ll see motion design everywhere.

Visual Identity Design

Visual identity is, in short, when a designer takes a company’s brand and brings it to life visually. This gives the designer the task of communicating through graphic design the company, its goals, its personality and emotions.

Designers that specialize in visual identity design will work to bring a brand to life through color palettes, logos, and more. To specialize in visual identity design, designers must possess knowledge of all different kinds of designs. The designer will work closely with people in the company to gain a better understanding of it to be able to display that through design.

Publication Design

When you think publication design, think magazines, books, newspapers, and such. Graphic designers that work in publication design have the job of working with publishers and editors to attain the best possible result. To be a publication designer you’ll need talents involving being able to communicate, have organizational skills, and work with typography.

In Conclusion

Overall, design is a crucial aspect of our lives. From creating stunning visuals to important marketing material, design is needed and used for more than just a few areas of our lives. The life of a designer involves being experienced and having talents in a range of areas of designs.

Designers work to solve problems through graphic design, ultimately helping bring light and color into the world. Although being a designer isn’t always the easiest task, it certainly is rewarding to see your work displayed on a book cover or billboard.

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