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Taking Typography to the Next Level

The world of graphic design is made up of many fields. All of these fields help to give people the perfect result that they’re looking for and giving them what will be the greatest fit for what they need. Whether this is a poster to hang in a bedroom or a new marketing venture, one part of graphic design is sure to give you the best result. 

Typography is a field of graphic design that is crucial for many reasons. This field of design is complex and takes a specific skill set to be able to produce quality typography. If you want to know the difference between a good and a great designer, you’ll be able to tell by their typography skills. 

So, for the new designer (and maybe even the old one looking to learn some new skills) the question remains; how can you take your typography to the next level? How can you ensure that it’s the very best it can be? 

Practice Hand Lettering 

Although nowadays a lot of typography is digital, every good designer will come across a project, perhaps more then once, that deserves a human touch. When this happens, you want to ensure that your hand lettering skills are equally as talented as your digital ones. 

Take the time to truly perfect your hand lettering until you’re able to ace it easily. You want to develop a style that aligns with your digital one, to be able to use the two equally. Hand lettering will help you be able to look at and critique fonts better then you’ll be able to with digital. 

Build Your Own Font

For the new designer, this is often the scariest and most difficult aspect of typography. Designing and developing your own font is a painful and yet rewarding process. If you’ve already brought hand lettering into a few projects, you’ll be on your way to developing your own style. 

The key point of building your own font is to have a better understanding of fonts overall. Dive yourself into the process and work on your font until it reaches perfection. Believe us when we tell you that there are few things as satisfying as using your own font.

Continue To Learn

Want to know the most commonly made and the biggest mistake of typography? To stop learning. It’s easy to think that, once you’ve developed the basics, you’re done. Maybe you’ll do a bit of research when necessary, but for the most part, you’ve stopped entirely trying to learn new things. 

You see, like any field of design, typography is constantly changing. To stay up to date, it’s your job to ensure that you’re always learning and growing. Never stop educating yourself on typography; you’ll be surprised at what you may not know and what you’ll learn. 

Don’t Use Too Many Fonts 

It can be tempting to use dozens of fonts in your typography. But it’s important that you keep the number of fonts that you use in a design limited. With typography, the saying less is more couldn’t be more true. 

You’ll find that most professional designers agree that three is a good and practical number of fonts for font families. Remember; although you may be tempted to use more, always keep your font family to a minimum. 

Do Your Research 

As well as learning, you have to be willing to do your research if needed. If you’re unsure of something or if you think it may be wrong, do your research before continuing. Nowadays the internet is filled with helpful information on nearly any topic you’re interested in. 

Or, even better yet, if you have a question and know other designers then you can ask them. Always be willing to learn more and educate yourself when necessary. Even if you’re just a tad unsure, it’s always better to be safe then sorry.

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