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Surviving As A Creative In A World Of Chaos

Let’s face it. The world is one spinning cycle of one thing after another coming at us from all angles on a constant basis, yet it takes an imaginative brain to dissect every nuance and find your center to thrive and survive. Survival skills for a creative boil down to a person’s talent and where you feel that shine.

But creativity also means digging deep into your core of passion and how to translate that into a chaotic world where the only answer is to sink your well-being into the whole of what makes you tick, what are your inherent talents, how do you want to show up in full expression, and what’s the flow. Before you figure out the answers to these posing questions, best to not overthink and simply allow the natural course of your creativity to be front and center.

Get outside in nature

Yes, there’s a pandemic and it’s prevalent in our lives, yet study after study proves that getting outside in the fresh air and wide-open spaces enhance your immune system and allow your brain to decompress while helping the core root of your imagination. Nature is an elixir. Nature heals and nurtures. Nature needs to be at the top of your survival skill toolbox in order to process an overwhelmed brain or a body that’s too comfortable sitting and creating all day.

It’s one thing to truly be in a creative mood and never take your eyes off your project at hand, or to feel the pressure of deadlines and watch your body conform into one of soreness and apathy from working so diligently on that project, but the truth is–you need to get outside in nature and go for a walk. Movement amongst the trees, the fresh air, perhaps the hustle and bustle of a city’s energy, the sounds of the oceans, whatever it is–get outside and experience the beauty of nature. Your brain cells will thank you.

Call a friend and vent

Everyone seems to want to vent on social media platforms these days, however, words can get twisted and misunderstood, and oftentimes, it’s just not a pretty scene to see or read. The most
successful way to inspire some creative juices is to call a friend and talk it out. They know you and they love you, and they have your back.

Bottled up emotions also promote blockages in a creative’s brain and heart. If you’re feeling some pent up energy and need to get things off your chest, find your phone–among all that paperwork or coloring tools on your desk–and dial up your bestie. Once you’ve managed to process everything that’s been crowding up space within your creative spirit and are all caught up with your soul sister or brother, time to return to that workspace and put that freed up mind and heart to good use.

Stretch your limbs

When we sit or stand for long periods of time in the same position, performing the same exact movements hour after hour, our bodies are screaming for a break. It’s fine to lift your head from the screen and gaze off in the distance, but it’s even more beneficial to stretch your limbs that have been diligently creating your art

Take a yoga, meditation, or sincere stretching break for at least 20 minutes. Carve out the time to engage your muscles into lengthy positions that get the blood flowing again. Remember, as a creative, you need to be healthy and strong to continue surviving in a rather robotic and routine world. It’s not always so much what you eat–although I’ll touch on that in a minute–but how you move throughout the day during your optimal innovative hours.

Stretching and breathing and metabolism. These are the essential three words that translate into a positive momentum of getting your projects done in a manner that’s not only amazing, but allows your creativity to open up. Never underestimate the power of stretching at your workspace–it’s easy to do, it’s necessary to flourish, and your productivity will ‘wow’ you.

Play with your animals or kids

Without a doubt, unconditional love from those whom we share our lives with is the epitome of brainwave activity getting enhanced. Whether dog, cat, or hyperactive child, playtime is a
requisite to surviving day in and day out. Engaging with those who are part of your immediate family send happy vibes to your internal system and ignite sparks of creative flow.

Belly laughs with kids, jumping on trampolines, running and dodging around the house with your dog, playing hide and seek with either bipeds or quadrupeds, it all equates to forgetting about the creative task at hand, and instead, giving you and your family the gift of connection. This is how you master your craft.

Ready to Create?

Now that you have all the know-how to continue drawing, writing, painting, designing, or coding for your favorite creative outlet, it’s time to dive in and see what works. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our production or generating of talent that we forget how we arrived here in the first place.

Having a wild and raw imagination is a pure offering for all the senses. Once you grasp every avenue that helps to keep your mind in a forward progression, the rest is gravy.

Just create, stay true to your talent, discover your uniqueness, have fun with it, and above all–don’t take yourself too seriously. Surviving a world of chaos means exploring, discovering, and staying on your toes.

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