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Need a Logo? Run an On-Demand Crowdsourced Design Contest

Your logo represents your brand to the world. Small businesses often lack the design expertise and financial resources for graphic design services, including for logo design. What’s a small business owner to do? Why, try a logo contest, of course!

Design contest sites function as a method of crowdsourcing for unlimited graphic design contests. This method allows for a quick response to a common business graphic design problem and results in many creative and high-quality options as a solution.

Design contest sites are unique for the number of entries received. Good sites have many quality graphic designers registered online. The sites are known as offering a method of getting the best price to launch unlimited creative contests, including those offered for on-demand logo design.

How Do Unlimited Logo Contests Work?

When you hold a design contest on a site, you pay a fee to the site owner and share your design brief not with a specific vendor but with the design contest site’s community of designers. Your design brief communicates the specifics of what you want in a logo, including color, theme, shape, style and anything specific you want in the design. Typically, dozens of creative designers enter the competition, review your brief and submit their entries based on your requirements.

The world of designers is open to you as the contest sites attract participants from all around the globe. You can interact with the designers, choosing a few you like and asking for revisions to satisfy your brief. At the end of the contest, you select your favorite entry to name as the ondemand logo design contest winner.

The winner of your logo design contest sends the files to you in a common file format that’s standard for your industry and receives a financial prize. They don’t own the design, though, you have all rights to the logo you choose. It belongs to you to use in representing your brand to the marketplace.

Is One Unlimited Logo Contest Like All Others?

Design contests run very similarly to each other, but several factors can be different.

• Duration: Contests usually run for 2-10 days. For a tight deadline, the time frame can be shortened.

• Guarantees: Many sites offer 100% money-back guarantee on qualifying contests (a guaranteed contest means money paid to the winner, not money-back guaranteed).

• Competition views: In many contests, the submissions are open for all to see. In a hidden contest, designers can’t see what others submit.

• Privacy: Contests are generally public. They can be made private and not findable through a search engine.

• Winner Selection: Contests often have one winner and give one prize. o You can choose multiple winners and determine the prize money for all the winning designs.

Hidden and private contests are considered premium features. You’ll pay extra for those. However, any way you choose to run your contest, you’ll get a lot of logo designs to choose from.

What Are Some Other Services That Unlimited Design Contest Sites Offer?

On-demand crowdsourced design has become a very popular way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get unlimited graphic design services on a limited budget.

While there are many other logo design sites, Hatchwise is the best option, considering that they offer a 100% unique logo for the lowest price.

Most logo contest sites run contests not only for logo design, but for various types and applications of unlimited graphic design contests, including designs for business cards, hats, banners, book covers, brochures, and product packaging.

Are Unlimited Graphic Design Contests Right for You?

If you’re an entrepreneur or manage a small business or nonprofit, you likely have a limited budget and limited resources for graphic design for your logo, t-shirts, coffee mugs, building signs and the like. Maybe you’re not in a small business, but you’re responsible for a project that requires graphic design.

Crowdsourcing contests are a great outsourcing tool. You can achieve your goals without busting the budget. Does your organization need a fresh approach to graphic design? The global nature of design contests puts a diversity of perspectives in reach. These are a few reasons to try a design contest site, and you can probably think of several more that would benefit your organization.

Try the low-investment, high-potential design contest for your next graphic or logo design project. Remember to create a complete design brief with enough direction for the competing designers and to offer a significant enough prize to attract quality designers. You’ll enjoy the contest process, and you’re likely to end up with a fabulous design that meets your design brief.

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