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Logotype vs. Logomark vs. Logo: What Is The Difference?

Often a question that will first pop from a designer’s mouth when a client is asking for a logo is, “Do you want a logotype or logomark?” This question tends to be confusing since not everyone is educated on how these two types of logos differ from one another.

Logotype.​ A logotype is a logo design that is centered entirely around a company’s name or initials. The general term for logo refers to all marks that represent a brand. If you request a logotype from a designer, they’ll know that you want a text logo instead of a picture logo. This type of logo is often referred to as logo symbols or pictorial logos. A logotype is commonly used to promote name recognition and is, basically, a company’s name or initials on a logo.

● Logomark.​ A logomark is the opposite of a logotype; a logo that is centered around a company’s image instead of its name. This image, or icon, is symbolic and represents a characteristic of the business. While a logotype works strictly around text, a logomark works around an image. Logomarks can be highly personalized and are usually extremely unique and original.

Combination Mark. ​If you are unsure of whether your business requires a logotype or a logomark, then you can choose both; a combination mark. A combination mark is when you combine a logotype and logomark. When you combine these two, you ultimately receive the best of both worlds. However, the downside to this is that you may not receive exclusive benefits that would come with choosing just one.

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