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How To Make A Shopify Website

Making your first Shopify website and a little loss how to start? That’s okay because in this article we walk you through it! In this article, you’ll learn our top tips for creating a Shopify website! Creating a Shopify website isn’t easy, but with these tips you’ll be a pro in no time! 

It’s true; Shopify websites are easier than other websites to put together, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to put together. It’s not easy to optimize a website at all, even when it’s a Shopify website that some people would think of like a walk in the park, it still isn’t easy for those who are attempting to optimize their first website. 

Even if this isn’t your first time around the block and you have experience with websites, even Shopify websites, this article can still help to give you a few helpful tips with creating your Shopify website. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the ways that you can build a Shopify website. 

Get Familiar With The Builder 

All website builders are a tad different and the Shopify Website Builder is no different. You want to make sure that Shopify is the choice that you’re certain you want to go with before diving in so that you won’t go back later. Do your own research on the website builder, see what others are saying and ensure that you like the builder before starting. 

Go through and read articles about the builder, familiarize yourself with Shopify itself and what they offer. This step is very important since the builder that you use for your website depends greatly if you like your result or not. Fully understand what goes into creating a Shopify website and what it is.

Planning The Website 

This is the step that will influence the rest of your website experience and how it turns out. You want to make sure that you really know what you’re doing when it comes to the website and knows how the builder works since you don’t want to spend time planning something for your site that Shopify won’t even let you integrate. 

Take the time to plan out your website for your business and it will show. If you skip this step and decide to just decide as you go people will be able to tell when they see your website. It shows when you don’t put the effort in and do pre-planning for your website, you’ll end up with something half baked. 

Picking A Theme That You Love 

Shopify offers a variety of different themes that you can choose from for your website. The only downside is that you’re at the risk of your shop looking generic to the other Shopify websites. Choosing your theme is a very crucial part of building your website since this is ultimately deciding how your website looks and what customers see. 

Although Shopify isn’t entirely flexible with letting you change much about your website design after you choose a theme, it does let you customize what images and text you want on your site. However, the theme decides where the images go and what font the font is. This part you want to spend time on and choose a theme that you genuinely love. 

Personalizing Your Store 

This is the part where you decide what actually makes your website, your website. This part is where you can make your website your own and one that customers will recognize. Shopify has made this part fairly simple. By going to settings you’ll find all the options to customize your website and change it to your own. You can change it to your own branding colors and style and even change some aspects of the theme. 

Add Your Products To Your Website 

Now you add your products that you’re going to sell! This step could take a while, so it’s important that you set aside a time when you’ll be able to devote a period to it before you start. Shopify only allows you to add each product individually, you go to the ‘Product’ section of the page and there you’ll have the option to add products. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, it isn’t easy to make a Shopify website but it certainly isn’t impossible. With the right amount of effort and time put into it, you can create a website that you’ll be proud to display to your customers. The tips above are useful to guide you when creating your Shopify website and can help you create the best website possible. 

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