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Growing Your Online Success With Landing Pages

Do you offer amazing products, but somehow you’re still struggling to land leads and make sales? Your current customers are happy and thriving, but you can’t find the new traffic you need. Make the most of your online presence using landing pages.

These targeted marketing webpages promote a single product at a time, so they offer laser-focused results. Every part of a landing page is specially designed to convert readers. If you’re not leveraging landing pages to increase your online success, you’re missing opportunities.

Learn how to reach your ideal customers, speed them through the entire marketing funnel in just minutes, and enjoy increased conversions with landing pages.

Think about your brand’s signature offerings: your top-of-the-line services, award-winning products, or other beloved customer favorites. These services probably form the core of your business, but how does their online presence look? Make sure you’re marketing your best products with streamlined, specialized landing pages. Learn how landing pages can help your business find customers and drive conversions, using only your website.

What Is A Landing Page, Anyway?

Landing pages are streamlined, specialized pages on your website. These pages have one purpose and one purpose only: to promote a single product or service. Landing pages are entirely built around a call-to-action, and their design is upfront about this goal. A good landing page promotes its subject immediately, putting it literally front and center. The graphics, page layout, and marketing copy are all built around highlighting the subject and making conversions.

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet recently, you’ve found yourself on a landing page. Think about the last time you saw an amazing product on social media or in an email newsletter. If you clicked on a link, you were probably brought to a well-designed page that told you all about the product that caught your eye. 

The landing page explained how its subject would improve your life. This page introduced you to the brand behind the service and helped you build a sense of trust in this company, even if you’d never heard of it before. The page was designed to help you imagine your life with this product. 

Whether or not you converted, you still experienced a powerful marketing tool. The next time you come across this product, you’ll see it in a different light.

Focused Marketing Through Landing Pages

A landing page offers a great deal of information, but don’t confuse it with your website’s home page. Your home page serves as an introduction to your entire brand and allows your customers to navigate your site to learn more. Visitors to your home page may want to explore your services, but they may also be looking for contact information, blog posts, or your general product catalog.

Landing pages, on the other hand, should be optimized with only one service in mind. A landing page will ideally bring your customer through the entire marketing funnel. Include enough information to allow brand new customers to learn about you, while also driving them towards converting. 

Every element on your landing page should lead towards your ultimate call-to-action. Whether you want customers to join your mailing list, call customer service, renew their subscription, or press that Order Now button, a landing page helps customers feel happy and confident about your product. 

These pages are powerful marketing tools that allow you to build unique campaigns for each of your core services. Your website may include multiple landing pages, depending on your business model. This is a versatile way to capture as much of your market as possible.

What Your Landing Page Needs

Every service is different, but successful landing pages tend to have many consistent elements. Just like aspects of a verbal sales pitch, these online tools have proven track records.

Header and Subheader

Like any webpage, a landing page needs a header or a title. Think of this as a subject line for the page. Your landing page’s header should be clear, catchy, and directly related to the service you’re promoting. The subheader features more details and supports your main point.

Make sure to feature your value proposition in your header. Your value proposition is what makes your service stand out from every competitor. Whether this is your price point, level of service, location, color scheme, or any other feature, prominently include this detail in your landing page’s header.

Body Content

Body content does a lot of your landing page’s heavy lifting. Include details on everything your ideal customer needs to know. How does your service make their life better? Tell them, using easy to understand language.

Build your credibility by showcasing happy customers and glowing reviews. Today’s shoppers place nearly as much value in online reviews as they do in recommendations from friends and family. Reviews let potential customers imagine themselves happily enjoying your products.

Make sure to create a sense of urgency through your copy. Your readers should be motivated by your call-to-action and want to keep moving forward. Common strategies to create a sense of urgency include limited-time price reductions, gifts with purchase, exclusive access to brand personalities, free previews of upcoming services, and more. All of these methods leave your customers feeling ready to act.

Focus on your landing page’s SEO. Ideally, your entire webpage is search engine optimized, and is designed using strategies to rank higher for your most relevant keywords. Since landing pages aim to convert users of a single product, their SEO is especially important. Thoughtfully select keywords for your landing page and make sure to use them naturally throughout your body content.

Striking Graphics

Images build an instant mood, so choose powerful graphics for your landing page. If you offer a physical product, fill your landing page with high-quality pictures that show your items in the best possible light. Images that show people interacting with your product are ideal for any landing page. Human subjects help your visitors imagine themselves using your product. This visualization helps them move through the marketing funnel, leading towards conversion.

If you offer a digital product or an intangible service, your graphics should evoke an emotional response in your customers. Depending on your product, choose pictures to make them feel peaceful, satisfied, energized, or empowered. Your customers will associate this feeling with your brand and your offerings.

Finish Strong With A Clear Call-to-Action

Your landing page has been building towards the final call-to-action, so make this conversion as easy as possible. Encourage your customers to call, click, buy, or join using bold, functional language. Make sure your conversion tool grabs the eye with bright colors and large buttons. Remind them what they get right away, such as instant access or immediate downloads. And if you’re selling a high-stakes product, consider offering another lead magnet. Users who aren’t ready for full conversion may be happy to join your email list, follow you on social media, or explore your other products.

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