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Different Types Of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of communication that uses typography, illustration, and design to communicate and solve problems. I’m sure it’s not surprising for you to learn that everyone processes information differently and everyone learns at different levels. Not everyone will adjust to processing information the same, and this is why multiple types of design are used for communication.

In the graphic design industry, we use different types of design depending on what the user will respond to best and what the need for it is. Although the different types of graphic design connect and overlap to some extent, they all need unique and different skills depending on which type of design it is.

Designers, since their industry is continually changing and adjusting, must be aware of this and have a strong set of skills. They have to be quick learners and have a wide range of skills to guide them through the different techniques that are learned to tackle the different types of design.

Regardless if you’re merely interested in the topic or are a designer educating yourself, you’ll find this article is interesting and educational for everyone.

Packaging Graphic Design

All products require some form of packaging to be used. This packaging is usually some form of graphic design describing the product and maybe a few precautions or something extra about it. This is, perhaps, the most well-known type of design. After all, you may have some packaging designed by a graphic designer sitting on your counter at this very moment.

Packaging designers develop mock-ups and concepts for the product and get the packaging design ready for print. This form of design, although not as complicated as others, still requires an understanding of print processing and manufacturing.

Advertising and Marketing Graphic Design

This form of graphic design is all too common. Advertisements and marketing material are everywhere we look, whether it be a billboard or an online advertisement. When you think of
graphic design, it wouldn’t surprise me if I learned that marketing material was what first popped into your head. Marketing and advertisement designs are a huge part of our world.

To gain customers and widen their audience, companies depend on this type of graphic design greatly. When creating this type of graphic design, designers work closely with company owners or marketing experts to achieve the right form of marketing material that the company needs. Graphic designers design flyers, magazine designs, vehicle wraps, infographics, and many more marketing materials for this type of design.

Motion Graphic Design

Another type of graphic design that I’m sure is quite common for you to know of is motion graphic design. The name says it all; motion graphic designs are simply graphics in motion. In recent years, with video content becoming more popular, this type of design has grown a wider audience.

Motion graphics can be found on many sites you visit, on the end screen credits to your favorite movie, a tutorial video, or animated logos. The very same GIFs that you use while texting have been created by motion graphic designers. Although taking a special skill set, this type of graphic design is one well worth learning.

Publication Graphic Design

Our fourth type of design is one that, although not mentioned or given nearly as much attention as the ones above, is of equal importance. This type of design is a long-form one that communicates through public distribution.

Although this used to just mean books and magazines, this type of design has seen a rise as digital publishing has risen. With this type of design, designers have the task of designing book covers, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and more. For this designers must have a strong idea and sense of color management as well as other skill sets.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

This type of graphic design is exactly how it sounds; the visual identity of a brand displayed through graphic design. This may be the most difficult type of design for designers to create.
This is merely for the fact that the graphic designer has to first learn the company’s brand before they can find a way to visually describe it.

Graphic designers who specialize in visual identity work with the company to create a logo, color palettes, or image libraries for the client that manage to successfully describe the company’s brand. This type of design is the designer creating a style and visual brand for the company.

Visual identity is one of the most common forms of designs and graphic designers who decide to specialize in this must have a basic understanding of all types of designs. They also must be able to communicate well, since communication is crucial for the designer to fully grasp the personality of the brand.

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