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Best Logo Design Apps for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners In 2022

Logo design can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. It is hard to know what will resonate with your target audience, and it requires disciplined creativity. The graphic design industry is one of the most competitive industries to be in nowadays. Moreover, with so many talented designers and companies vying for attention, it can be difficult to know where to look. That’s why we’ve prepared this review. There are plenty of logo-making apps out there, but with these 8 apps, your designs will never look better! They’re handy when designing amature logos from scratch or fine-tuning an existing one you may have already created.

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Logo Maker (by Bizthug Pte)

Creating a logo has never been easier. With just one tap, you can create high-quality logos for your company or personal projects and have them customized to suit the style of any professional business. Start by picking a logo from the suggested options—some of them are free, others will cost you in-app. Next, edit your image on one of several templates that offer font and color adjustments as well as stickers (such as icons or ribbons) to make it your own! 

Logo Maker Shop (by PIXO)

Create your own logo with the free Basic templates or pay a monthly subscription to unlock all. Available only for iOS devices, but you can still access it on PC and Mac computers! The app features an intuitive design tool that allows users to create their own logos using basic template options at little to no cost – just subscribe if they want more features like custom fonts, shapes/symbols, textures etc.

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Watercolor Logo Maker (by Tap Flat Apps)

Watercolors are among my favorite art forms, they allow anyone who can paint to create breathtaking artwork. However, I am not a painter myself so designing watercolored logos is just off the table – until now! This paint-style generator will help turn any design idea from simple doodles on paper into an eye-catching graphic in seconds. Choose between shapes like hearts, circles, and squares before proceeding through the steps of color selection and adding customizations – all without needing Photoshop skills as these are made with algorithms.

Whether you’re a small company or an entrepreneur, this app is designed to simplify and streamline your design process so that all of your branding needs are met in one place! Your watercolor logos will pop with vivid colors on any background color providing maximum visual impact.

LogoScopic Studio (by RoadRocks)

What does it take to make high-quality logos for your small business? An expensive computer program, or just a little creativity and time on LogoScopic Studio? Once you pay $4.99 the possibilities are endless when designing an eye-catching logo that reflects your company’s image!

Logo Maker + Logo Creator (by Jagwinder Singh) 

Logo Maker+Creator is the perfect way of creating customized logo designs without spending any cash upfront. With their low-cost subscription model ($4 per month) customers can get access to templates created by professional designers from around the world which are routinely updated.

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Sketchbook Pro

This app has been around since 2003 but it never gets old because its features keep getting better every day with updates that come at least twice per year. It offers vector drawing tools so you don’t have as many limitations on your creativity as other programs do by only offering raster images or pixels (which makes finer details possible).

In summary

Apps are a fast, cheap, and convenient way of getting started with your business. For entrepreneurs who need that first logo or anyone in a pinch, these programs can be just what the doctor ordered.

However, there’s only so much they can do as apps have limitations. Though it’s worth mentioning that many logos created using these apps will still look professional enough, as some businesses may not require anything more than simple branding at their start-up stage. It ultimately depends on the venture.

If you’re just starting out or need to produce a disposable logo for an event, then yes these apps can be especially handy tools.

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