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11 Inspiring Mask Designs

If it was three years ago and someone told you that you’d have a revolving collection of face masks in your closet, you’d probably say they were crazy. But they were right. Almost two years after the COVID-19 pandemic first started, all of us now find ourselves with a wide array of masks to rotate between.

What we quickly found out though is that a face mask is not only an extension of our wardrobe, but it is also an added accessory. Face masks allow us to convey our personalities, our moods, and how each of us is unique in our own ways.

While some of us took to puzzles, reading, and crocheting to pass time during the pandemic, others turned to face mask design. Read on below to learn 11 inspiring face mask designs you might consider adding to your collection.

Animal mouth mask

Asking your child to put on a mask can be a battle. One way you can help eliminate all the back and forth is by choosing a mask that they think is funny. Choose their favorite animal and grab a mask that embodies it. They’ll be the envy of the schoolyard and children will go home and ask their parents to purchase the same!

This child in Indonesia takes the animal mouth mask concept to a new level where it resembles a stuffed animal!

Star Wars mask

While children may not have seen the entire Star Wars franchise, parents have shared their love of the Star Wars films with their children for years! What child wouldn’t want a mask of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, or even the Stormtroopers?

Give your child the choice of what character they want to represent on their mask to make it feel like they are deciding to wear a mask themselves.

Cartoon mask

People resonate with different cartoons and masks are another vehicle for people to express themselves through their interests. Cartoons allow you to build off certain images and then exaggerate those features. 

This mask a woman wore in Venezuela is a way for her to use her government’s mask mandates to express herself through a cartoon design!

Superhero mask

While most children will always love any excuse to embody Spiderman, adults may have been always dying to dress up as their favorite superhero too! And now there is an excuse to!

For a child, this is a great motivator for them to stay safe and keep their mask on, just like their favorite superhero would!

Floral mask

One of the more popular designs you have likely seen out there is floral designs. This design is perfect for a spring or summery look, but if you choose a darker palette it can be a great choice for the colder months too!

This floral mask a woman in Iraq wore includes an assortment of real rose petals!

Tropical mask

You’ve seen tropical patterns on Hawaiian shirts, accent rugs, or wall art. Just like with floral designs, tropical patterns offer so much opportunity for customization where the mask can truly be your blank canvas for when the inspiration hits.

This mask a mother in Palestine created takes tropical masks to a new level. She used real cabbage to create her family’s face masks and she gets an A+ for effort!  

Geometric pattern mask

Having no parameters is any designer’s dream, and that is what a geometric pattern mask allows. Geometric, modern patterns are versatile no matter the season and they always offer the perfect splash of color to any outfit!

A design like this is complementary to any color combination you choose to wear. 

“Real” face mask

Just because we all must wear masks doesn’t mean that we want to disguise our features. That’s why some people have chosen to go with a face mask that looks like a real face. Not only does this give people a laugh, but it makes you feel more “real.”

Artist Mansha Friedrich designed this crocheted face mask that allows for people to change out the fabric inlays to best suit how they are feeling that day. For this one, she offered a humorous smile with a mustache, but you can make yours your own!

Wedding mask

Many brides postponed their weddings with the pandemic, but others opted to walk down the aisle anyway. Those brides wanted to choose a mask that complimented their dress.

Both this wedding dress and face mask were designed by Friederike Jorzig in Berlin, Germany. Friederike wanted pandemic brides to feel special on their wedding day, face masks included. 

Bedazzled mask

If you get your hands on a bedazzling gun, the options for you are endless! You can bedazzle part of a mask or even the whole thing.

Fashion and beauty photographer Tinka Weener found inspiration in covering her face behind an elaborate bedazzled jewelry pattern, and you can find inspiration too.

Japanese mask

Japanese design has had a huge following for years. When you put that design style on a face mask, those masks quickly become extremely popular fashion pieces and statements.

This face mask is influenced by Japanese style featuring Zen elements comprised of only three color tones and simple shapes. Because of the simplicity in Japanese design, many of these elements are easy to draw inspiration from.

Masks are more than a way to stay safe. They are a way to express yourself. Masks are our current pandemic way of life, so having a mask you want to wear is a good investment to make. 

At Hatchwise, we can help create a mask design for you to print – whether you want to advertise your business’s logo or create a design that matches your personality. 

All you have to do is get in touch with our team at Hatchwise to start a logo contest or other project to bring your mask design to life!