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The winner of a recent contestDigiti Minimi did a great job creating a new logo for a fraternity. Stunning and creative designDigiti Minimi!

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A Brief History of Logos, from Hieroglyphics to Heraldry

We tend to think of logos as those distinctive images that symbolize a brand. They appear on signage, product packaging, and marketing materials so we can easily recognize our favorite companies. 

However, logos aren’t just for businesses, nor are they as immutable as we might imagine. That’s why we can still recognize the Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s logos even if they appear in different colors, proportions, or gradients.

As highly visual creatures, our brains associate visual patterns with ideas, aka pictographs. Logos are a type of pictograph, and they are anything but new! In fact, pictographs existed long before the written word.

Let’s dive into the fascinating and diverse history of logos, from primitive labels to sophisticated emblems.

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Logo Design Case Study: Stone Cross Farm

Recently there was a logo contest run for a client and it caught our attention almost immediately. We were fascinated with all the entries that were submitted by our talented Hatchwise creatives and wanted to share them with our readers. We can’t resist sharing excellent contests when we see them and this contest had a variety of unique and individually artistic designs that stood out to us. We went through and selected our favorite entries from the contest as well as some information on what the client was looking for and the result that they received.

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Logo Design Case Study: Tap Censor

We see a variety of contests on our site and this one, in particular, stood out for the creative entries and unique color choices. We always love to see a variety of designs submitted to contests and it’s interesting to see the contest result compared to what was requested in the contest brief. The concepts submitted to the contest ranged from simple, clean, and classy to more complicated designs with a unique combination of color choices. Below we share the details of what the client requested, the entries submitted, and the winning entry. 

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The History Of The Gap Logo

Chances are at some point in your life, you’ve stumbled upon a Gap or one of Gap’s seven brands. Gap has a strong marketing and media campaign, their stores are in almost every mall or shopping center, either you, or someone you know, surely owns a piece of clothing from the store, and their logo is ingrained in your memory. 

Even if you aren’t a huge Gap shopper, you know the brand. And the reason you know the brand so well is because their logo is everywhere. With every recognizable logo, comes a story of how it came to be – and Gap has a tremendous story! 

Read on below to learn more about not only this iconic brand but also the story behind its logo’s evolution and how a simple logo first created in 1969 has grown to be one of the most recognizable logos in the world. 

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