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The History of The Toblerone Logo

The Official Toblerone Logo
The Official Toblerone Logo

Have you ever heard of Toblerone? Of course, you have; the triangular chocolate bar has taken the world by storm. You can find it everywhere from airports to corner stores.

The packaging is unmistakable, with its big red lettering and Swiss mountain design. It’s hard to miss. What’s even more impressive is how quickly Toblerone has become a household name.

The company has done an excellent job branding its chocolates to ensure everyone knows it’s a Toblerone. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an excellent triangular chocolate bar? In our opinion, Toblerone’s marketing strategy is pretty fantastic. They’ve made it easy for us to recognize their brand and are not afraid to show off their Swiss roots.

Toblerone chocolate bar

Switzerland is known for producing some of the world’s finest chocolates, and Toblerone is a prime example of this. The iconic logo associated with the company is instantly recognizable and sets it apart from the competition. 

The logo’s incorporation of the Matterhorn, a famous Swiss mountain, is a clever nod to the company’s roots and adds to its unique charm. Toblerone’s history is just as fascinating as its logo, and it’s no surprise that the company has become so popular.

In this article, we’ll dive into the history of the Toblerone logo and the company itself so that you can appreciate the delicious chocolate even more. 

Toblerone 1999

1999––2022: The First Logo

The first Toblerone logo was a game-changer. It was designed in the late 1990s and featured two key elements: a yellow emblem of Matterhorn Mountain above the company name and a red wordmark in a classy font with the first letter more prominent than the rest.

The Matterhorn Mountain is the perfect representation of Swiss culture, and it’s no wonder it became the most iconic element of the brand. The logo was a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, and it’s no surprise it became synonymous with the brand. 


Toblerone logo 2022

2022––Present: The Logo Today 

The current logo is a far cry from its predecessor. The old logo was vibrant and had a lot of signature elements, while the new one is darker and simpler. The company decided to use a brown color for the company name, the same color as their famous chocolate. However, they retained the iconic font with unique shapes and bulges. The mountain was removed from the logo, leaving a simple typeface logo. We miss the old logo’s expressiveness and unique features, but the new one has a certain sleekness to it. 

The Secret The Logo Is Holding 

Toblerone log owith bear in the design

Have you ever noticed the hidden secret in the iconic Swiss chocolate bar logo? It’s a white bear standing up on its hind legs inside the mountain, a prominent design feature.

The bear is so large that it takes up almost the entire mountain, and once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. This clever addition to the logo represents the origin story of the chocolate and serves as a signature of its Swiss heritage.

So next time you see the logo, look closer and discover the hidden bear for yourself. 

The History Of Toblerone 

Toblerone chocolate bar creator

The Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone is renowned for its delectable honey and almond nougat. Theodor Tobler, the creator of this chocolate bar, established it in 1908, and it has since become a global sensation.

The history of Toblerone dates back to Jean Tobler, a chocolatier from Bern, who began with a confectionery shop and eventually opened his own chocolate factory.

After passing on the factory to his son, Theodor, the company’s success skyrocketed. Theodor’s experimentation with recipes and marketing strategies led to immense profits. 

Toblerone logo design

His work resulted in honey, almond, and nougat chocolates in a triangular shape that was an instant hit once they were created. Tobler named the company after himself and the Italian word for nougat, “torrone,” which is a key ingredient in the chocolates.

While some believe that the Matterhorn mountain inspired the triangular shape, there is no confirmation of this. Others speculate that a show at a music hall in Paris inspired Tobler.

Nevertheless, Toblerone quickly became popular and expanded its offerings to include dark and white chocolate options and a fruit and nut bar.

Toblerone chocolate bars in a stack

Toblerone’s unique triangular shape has left a lasting impression on fans, who now see the shape in unexpected places. The brand has garnered attention for various reasons since its inception, and its chocolate is now widely available.

It’s remarkable how Toblerone has come a long way from its humble beginnings to become a household name worldwide.

The Colors and Fonts 

Toblerone chocolate bar

The Toblerone logo features a distinctive combination of colors and font. The red in the name represents the Swiss flag, paying homage to the country where the chocolate is made.

The yellow triangle shape in the center of the logo represents the Matterhorn mountain, which is also a well-known symbol of Switzerland. The font used in the logo is a custom-designed typeface, which gives it a unique and recognizable look.

Combining these elements makes the Toblerone logo stand out and easily identifiable to consumers.

Where Is Toblerone Mountain Located? 

Toblerone mountain

If you’re a fan of Toblerone and its iconic mountain logo, you’ll be pleased to know that you can see real-life inspiration for yourself. The Matterhorn Mountain, which serves as the model for Toblerone’s logo, is located above the charming Swiss town of Zermatt.

Rising above the town, the mountain is a sight to behold and definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in experiencing the heritage of Toblerone. 

What Does The Bear Symbolize? 

image of the city of Bern
City of Bern

Hidden in the outline of the mountain in the company logo is a bear that also plays a key part in playing heritage to where the company is from.

The bear in the Toblerone logo symbolizes the city of Bern in Switzerland, also known as the “City of Bears.” The logo pays homage to the city’s coat of arms, which features a bear. 

Who Designed Toblerone Chocolates? 

Toblerone bars in a stack

Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler are the masterminds behind the design of Toblerone chocolates.

The two Swiss chocolatiers created the unique triangular shape of the chocolate bar inspired by the Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland.

The chocolate is made with high-quality ingredients, including Swiss milk, honey, and almond nougat.

Today, Toblerone is enjoyed by chocolate lovers worldwide and remains a beloved Swiss brand.

The Classic Bar 

The Toblerone bar is a classic chocolate treat perfect for any break or morning coffee. It’s made of Swiss milk chocolate and has a unique triangular shape with crunchy almond nougat pieces throughout.

The taste is truly unforgettable, with a signature blend of sweet and nutty flavors that stand out from other chocolate bars. In our opinion, it’s the perfect snack to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. 

Why Is The Brand Associated With Air Travel? 

Toblerone chocolate bars

Toblerone is a brand that is closely associated with air travel. This is because, in the early days, the brand was not widely available in grocery stores. As a result, many people would purchase Toblerone at airports where it was mainly sold.

This association has stuck, and now Toblerone is seen as a travel treat. In our opinion, there is something special about indulging in a piece of Toblerone while waiting for a flight.

It’s a little luxury that can make the travel experience more enjoyable. Plus, the unique shape of the chocolate bar makes it easy to break off a piece to share with a fellow traveler.

Toblerone’s association with air travel is a testament to the brand’s popularity and the joy it brings to people worldwide.

How Toblerone Has Stood Out With Marketing 

Toblerone has managed to stand out in the chocolate market by taking a more subtle approach to its marketing strategies. Unlike other brands that rely on large and flashy advertisements, Toblerone has chosen a more understated approach. Making them create an instantly recognizable brand identity. Their packaging is a prime example of this. The iconic triangular shape of the Toblerone box is instantly recognizable, and the company has wisely chosen to keep the design simple and elegant.

This has allowed the chocolate itself to be the star of the show rather than the packaging. Toblerone has also done an excellent job creating a sense of exclusivity around its brand.

By limiting the availability of their chocolates to certain stores and markets, they have created a sense of scarcity that makes their products all the more desirable. This has allowed them to charge a premium price for their chocolates without alienating their core customer base.

What Is Happening To The Logo Today? 

The iconic Swiss chocolate company Toblerone is bidding farewell to its famous Matterhorn logo due to “Swissness” laws. The company is relocating part of its production facility to Slovakia later this year, meaning the beloved mountain peak must be removed from the packaging.

Toblerone chocolates

As a Swiss staple, the logo has been associated with Toblerone since its inception, making this news quite surprising to fans. The company recently made an announcement about moving parts of their production to cut costs. Unfortunately, this means the iconic Swiss mountain will no longer be a part of the branding since it violates Swiss laws.

But don’t worry; the delicious chocolate recipe we all know and love will remain the same. The packaging might look slightly different, but the honey and chocolate flavors will remain the same. Plus, the brand is still invested in Switzerland and will continue to produce the chocolate in Bern partially.

And guess what? The hidden bear will still be a part of the branding! So, fans of the brand can rest assured that many familiar aspects will stay the same. 


Toblerone’s iconic logo has significantly influenced the brand’s popularity and recognition. It has a strong history, and with unique marketing, it has stood out in the candy aisle.

The logo has remained consistent since its creation, with only one minor change. However, the logo is due for a larger change due to Swiss laws, which surprises many.

In the article above, we looked into the history of Toblerone and its signature candy that has captured the hearts of candy lovers worldwide. 

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