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The History Of The Skyrim Logo

When it comes to gaming there are few logos that are as iconic as the Skyrim logo and what it stands for, being recognized by not only all gamers in the industry but recognized worldwide. The game itself is one that has made its mark worldwide, bringing people into a world with dragons, weapons, magic, and stealth. You defeat enemies, you explore fortresses and you make friends in the fantasy world that brings you to another earth. Skyrim is a game for all ages that has transformed what the gaming world means and has built a community of people that love it. 

Skyrim is one of the most popular and advanced games that we’ve ever seen and has made a huge impact on the industry. The fictional world of Skyrim is one that has advanced video games and made itself known as one of the most famous ones in the world. 

The one piece that makes Skyrim not only recognizable to all fans but also stands out as their signature trademark is the game’s logo. Their logo is a classic feature in their game that has made it easily identifiable to the public. 

Let’s take a look at the Skyrim logo, the history behind it and where it is today. 

2011 – Today 

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The Skyrim logo was unveiled in 2011 and hasn’t been touched since then. The logo is so iconic that it has served its purpose perfectly from the very start and there’s been no need for changes since then. The logo is attractive and has elements that stand for the game and give meaning. The logo subtly incorporates signature elements into the design that, when you look closer, you can see display the game. It features a dragon in flight, shown vertically. One half features the tail while the other features the head of the dragon. You can see an arrow effect on the end that shows the tail and all of the logo is black on a white background. 

What Makes The Logo Different? 

What makes this logo so important and special? What makes it stand out from the thousands of other logos that we see every day? There are a lot of key elements that the designer chose to include in the logo that make it as unique as we see it today. To have a logo this symbolic and that has made such an impact on people takes something special. So what is it about this logo that makes it as spectacular as we see it today? 

It’s Attractive 

Of course, any logo needs to be attractive to work properly and to show off the game at its best. For gaming logos, this is especially important since it’s displayed front and center whenever the software is opened to be played. The temptation of looking at the logo is too much since it’s incredibly visually appealing and it stands for the game. The meaning of the logo is tied into the game and is complex yet simple, it’s easy on the eyes and allows people to see it in depth and discover what’s beneath the layers. 

It Stands Out 

In a world where there are thousands of logos and numerous gaming logos, it’s critical that you have a logo that stands out amidst the competition. In the gaming industry, the competition is fierce, and having a high-quality logo that not only does its job but does it well is critical. Everything about a game needs to be noticed and unique in comparison to the many that are out there. Skyrim does a great job of keeping a signature logo that’s unique, different, and expresses the business. 

It’s Versatile 

As anyone who has explored the game knows, the logo pops up everywhere. From the screen itself to flags, compasses and other areas in the game. It’s seen when the game first opens and throughout marketing material for it. With a logo that is being used as often as this one, it was important that they had a logo that was versatile across all platforms. Between being seen in the game and being shown outside of it as well, this logo does a lot as its job, which is why it’s important that it works for every area of the game. 

It’s Complex 

While sometimes this isn’t what you want in a logo, for this logo it being complex is a benefit. Although it’s simple and straightforward when you first see it, if you take a closer look at the details there’s a lot to unpack. The logo has hidden messages and meaning behind it that is concealed. The logo is complicated and hidden in the best way, ensuring that there’s always more that users can find beneath it. 

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Elements Of The Logo 

Certain elements in the logo make it what it is. There are certain icons and parts of the logo that make it the signature piece it is. In every great logo, there are similar elements that stand out and make them specific to a brand and make it iconic. Here are the elements of this logo that cause the logo to be a signature piece to Skyrim and to make it easy for users to identify. Let’s see what these elements are and why they’re used. 

An Arrow Is Included 

One of the greatest and yet most subtle elements of the logo is the arrow that’s included. You can see it extending on the bottom from the dragon’s wings, showing the sharp head of an arrow. An arrow can be used for many things, both including a sign or a weapon or for showing direction. Since in Skyrim we see many weapons used, including arrows it could mean that’s what the symbol means, but it could also symbolize other things as well. 

Wings Are Included 

Since there’s a dragon associated with the logo there are also wings included on the dragon. Wings are typically associated with birds and angels, but they’re also associated with dragons. In the game of Skyrim, dragons are included a great deal, which is why the game needed to show it in their logo. These wings show the dragon’s ability to fly and add a nice and dramatic touch to the logo. 

A Dragon Is Included 

Then, of course, we have the main element of the design; the dragon. The dragon is what truly makes the logo and speaks for the game and what it’s about. This is the most familiar aspect of the design and the one that stands out boldly when people see the logo. A dragon symbolizes many different things, especially since we see them so often in the game itself. The dragon is one of the most important elements that people see and is the body of the design itself. 

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The Meaning and History Of The Logo 

In the game, the logo is referred to as the Seal of Akatosh and has been used since the release of the game. It’s used as the mark of the Imperial Legion and the seal that belongs to the dragon who is the main deity within the pantheon. It’s used constantly throughout the game as a seal and symbol for many things. The fact that this seal would be seen so often throughout the game and within stores and online has made it important that the logo was made perfectly. 

Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scroll series and was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It initially debuted in 2011 but was later re-released later on in 2016 and is now played on later consoles including Xbox, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s a multi-role game that has very quickly over the years made itself available on multiple platforms to users. 

The Font and Color 

The font and colors used in the logo are two key elements that define it. When we’re thinking about logos the colors that are used and the fonts play a critical part in any design. They not only stand out but they’re what shape the design and what complete it. They play a crucial part in creating a logo that’s either simplistic, complex, or a combination of the two. These two things are what can change a logo with just a few colors or a font change. 

The color choices and the font that the Skyrim logo uses are what define and shape it. For the Skyrim logo, the colors are basic and simple. The logo itself is black on a white background with some grey included. There are two different versions of the logo when it comes to the font, one with the word that’s next to the symbol and one with it besides it depending on where the logo is used. 

Skyrim Today 

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Unlike other games that have phased out over time or lost their popularity with the years, Skyrim is not one of those. For those wondering where the amazing game is today and if it’s been replaced the short answer is no. Although the game has had a few changes, updates and has been used by a variety of players it’s still as famous today. Regardless of what console they play it on it’s been continually loved by players and they’ve continued to return to it. Today it has not lost any of its popularity or its faithful followers that have been enthralled with the game since it first came out a decade ago.

What Made Skyrim So Popular? 

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Skyrim is one of the few video games that, although ten years old and still counting at the moment, is still as popular as when it first came out. Regardless of what platform it’s released on, what’s console it’s played on, or where they purchase it, people continue returning for Skyrim and to get the one-of-a-kind experience. There’s so much to love about this game that it’s hard to specify just one part that has made it as incredibly popular as it is today. 

After all, the game has significant parts that have drawn fans in and made them loyal to playing. The graphics are one of the most critical elements of the game that truly stands out and makes a difference. Of course, when you first start the game you’re greeted by the enticing and vivid graphics that play an important part. Even when the game first came out the quality of the graphics was surprising and they’ve only improved drastically through time. 

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A second feature that plays a key part in pulling players in and convincing them to return to the game regardless of how often they’ve played in the storyline. If you’ve ever entered the world of Skyrim and if you’ve spent more than a few minutes there you’ve already realized how it captures your attention. You can tell that the storyline has been well thought out and includes side quests and narratives that add to it. It’s enjoyable and brings players as a part of the game. 

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While we’re on the subject of side quests, let’s not forget to mention the amazing side quests that truly make Skyrim different than other games. They have entertaining and detailed quests that can keep any player occupied and enjoying their time playing. These quests often add to the main storyline and benefit the player greatly in the game. A few of Skyrim’s most famous quests include The Dark Brotherhood, the Companions, and the Thieves Guild.

Completing The History Of The Skyrim Logo 

The Skyrim logo is iconic and memorable, having left an impression on not only the gaming industry but our world overall. The logo has a strong history behind it and is one of the few logos that has gone through its entire existence without even the smallest change. It represents one of the most legendary video games of all time and the logo has increased the game’s popularity. In just a mere 48 hours the game sold 3.4 million copies and although it may not all be contributed to the video game’s iconic logo, it has certainly made a substantial difference in the game selling. 

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The plot, amazing graphics, mods, and graphic interface are all elements that make the game famous and one of the greatest of its time. The logo is how fans identify it and is also a part of the game itself that has been built into the game’s graphics. The logo is timeless, a part of the game that’s recognized worldwide. If you’ve never experienced the world of Skyrim before, now is the time to open the doors. From dragons, fighting and the imaginative world you’ll find the world of Skyrim embracing and creative. 

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