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History of Logos: Andrew Tate and Hustlers University’s Logo

Tracking viral trends is something we are all used to. We live in a heavily social media-influenced world where when a Google search catches fire, our social media accounts are flooded with news of this. That’s exactly what has happened with Andrew Tate. 

Andrew Tate and his Hustlers University venture have gone viral and while the reason for this isn’t necessarily because of something positive, more and more people are learning of Andrew and his ventures. For someone that is focused on growing his online presence, Andrew likely thinks even his recent negative publicity is great for him. 

Whether you know of Andrew Tate already, or you haven’t dug into all the videos and posts that are popping up on your feeds yet, you’ve come to the right place. We compiled all the information that keeps circulating across the web to provide you with one, in-depth article that tells you everything you need to know about this self-proclaimed millionaire. 

While it’s important to keep some level of skepticism with everything Andrew says, keep reading below to be brought up to speed on all things Andrew Tate and Hustlers University. 

Meet Andrew Tate

If you’re like us, when Andrew Tate first went viral, you probably found yourself asking yourself “Who is ‘Tate the millionaire?’” Don’t fret though – you’ve come to the right place to find out those answers. Directly below, we first take a closer look at this self-proclaimed “hustler.” 

Who is “Tate the millionaire?”

Born on December 14, 1986, Emory Andrew Tate III is now a retired professional American-British kickboxer. Since his kickboxing days, Tate has transitioned to taking the internet by storm, tackling entrepreneurship and influencer marketing.

The focus of his post-kickboxing career has been the creation of his online university, “Hustlers University.” His most popular courses at Hustlers University is around modern wealth creation. 

How old is Andrew Tate? 

Andrew Tate is 35 years old. In defense of his credentials in why he created Hustlers University, Tate often notes that he was broke for a substantial amount of time, making his first million when he was 27.

While it’s hard to fact-check Tate’s worth, he often credits his worth very highly noting that he went on to make $100 million by age 32 and has become a trillionaire recently.

The reason why we say it is hard to fact-check Tate’s worth is that there has never been a trillionaire on the planet (Elon Musk is even only worth $250 billion), so it is more likely that he is worth closer to $30 million which publications like Essential Sports notes. 

Why is Andrew Tate famous? 

Tate was first introduced to fame because of his kickboxing career. In 2005, Tate won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) full contact cruiserweight championship in Derby, England.

Following this championship, Tate was ranked the top competitor in his weight category across Europe. This championship was Tate’s first belt and title win, although he previously won 17 of his prior 19 fights (he just never won a formal belt or title before). In 2013, Tate won his second ISKA world championship title, the second title in a different weight division, after a 12-round match. 

Following his kickboxing career, Tate shifted gears to an online career. He began to offer training courses focused on how to become rich and on male-female interactions.

These videos were part of Hustlers University, which you could probably guess by the name, is not an accredited academic institution. Members of the online university pay a membership fee to gain access to courses and instruction on topics related to becoming rich, how to stay rich, cryptocurrency trading, and anything else in-between.

Members receive a commission if they recruit others to join as well, which helps Tate to grow his business. 

How Andrew Tate Makes Money

Andrew Tate, a well-known celebrity with an estimated net worth of $365 million, had a successful kickboxing career before becoming involved with Hustlers University. During his time as a kickboxer, he won four ISKA world championships and one IKF British Cruiserweight Championship, earning $100,000 per fight.

However, he realized that kickboxing alone would not provide him with the desired lifestyle, so he retired in 2016 and began his journey as an entrepreneur. He started his YouTube channels TateSpeech and TateConfidential, as well as various businesses and endorsements, contributing to his current net worth and luxurious lifestyle.

Tate’s entrepreneurial journey has been a rollercoaster ride. First, he started a Television Advertising company with a former co-worker, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. Tate confessed that he used money from new clients to pay off old ones.

He made his first million when he switched to a Webcam Modeling Company that he started with his brother. The company had 70 women working for them, making as much as half a million dollars monthly. Today, the business has transformed into an OnlyFans management business, and even though it has downsized to only ten models, it still generates an impressive $200,000 per month. 

However, these weren’t Tate’s only ventures and his only revenue forms. Tate also has monthly revenue from Hustler’s University, a casino business, social media accounts, OnlyFans, and an advertising company. We must give Tate credit for being a master in managing his money and not depending on one revenue to secure his finances. 

Andrew Tate’s primary source of revenue is Hustlers University, an online course he started on Discord. With an estimated $5 million earned for every 20k subscribers, it’s a lucrative income stream. At the beginning of the year, Hustler’s University had over 100,000 subscribers paying $50 monthly for access to the platform, with additional packages available for those with more disposable income.

Tate has also leveraged social media platforms, amassing over 11.6 billion views on TikTok despite being banned. This has not only benefited Hustlers University’s marketing but has also added to Tate’s income. Despite these impressive figures, Tate claims they are only a small part of his broader network base. He has boldly claimed to be the world’s first trillionaire, surpassing even the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

So is Andrew Tate really a trillionaire? Despite the claims, Tate is nowhere near the significant milestone he has already declared to have reached. Although it’s hard to narrow down what Tates exact net worth is today, we know it is far below the reach that would make him a trillionaire.

No man has yet to reach trillionaire status, so it is highly unlikely that Tate’s claims are valid. 

Who are the Tate brothers? 

Like Andrew, Andrew’s brother, Tristan, is also involved in some of Andrew’s endeavors. On Andrew’s YouTube channels, Tate Speech and Tate Confidential, he and his brother upload lifestyle blogs and podcasts.

Together, their ventures have experienced some controversy. They recently uploaded a video called “The worst things about being rich,” which wasn’t widely well-received, and they have been accused of using girls for their webcam business.

The duo was accused of using these girls to sell sob stories online to desperate men so they could make millions of dollars as a result. 

Andrew Tate’s Evolution

1986: Andrew Tate is born

On December 14, 1986, Andrew Tate was born. He is the son of Emory Tate, a chess player. Andrew is half-American (on his father’s side) and half-British (on his mother’s side). 

2005: Tate’s kickboxing career takes off

Since 2005, Tate has professionally practiced both boxing and martial arts. In 2005, Tate won his first professional title, the ISKA full contact cruiserweight championship in England. Following this first championship win, Tate competed for the vacant ISKA world full-contact light heavyweight championship, which he initially lost. After a rematch in France, Tate ended up winning in 2013 after a split decision.  

2009: Tate shifts to an online career

Tate first shifted to an online career in 2009 after he began to sell television ads. From there, he began to use his online presence to educate his followers on how to get rich. 

2016: Tate goes on Big Brother UK Season 17

Tate competed in season 17 of Big Brother UK. Tate never had a chance to try to make it to the finals though. He was removed early in the season after a video of him beating a woman with a belt was released on the web. Tate denied all allegations that the actions weren’t consensual, but he was still removed. 

2021: Hustlers University is created

After posting regularly on YouTube alongside his brother, and after building his online following, Tate took to creating Hustlers University. This online, self-proclaimed university helps its members take the steps to become famous and rich like Tate himself. 

Andrew Tate Arrested

On December 28th, 2022, while in Romania, Andrew and his brother, Tristan, along with three others, were detained and brought before a judge on charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group.

The Tate brothers have dual citizenship in Britain and the United States and were living in a high-end neighborhood in Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

Prosecutors claimed that they found evidence that several women had been sexually exploited “using physical violence and mental constraint” by members of the group arrested. The judge ordered the brothers (and others) to remain in custody for 30 days while the case is further looked into.

UPDATE [4/13/2023]

Andrew Tate’s arrest has been updated with a new ruling. After winning an appeal in March, the internet star’s dentition was replaced with house arrest. Tate had been in a Romanian jail for months on charges of organized crime, rape, and human trafficking.

The Court of Appeal in Bucharest replaced the latest period of custody, which was supposed to end on April 29th. The Tate brothers’ lawyers argued that house arrest was a less harsh judicial option available. Tate, his brother, and two associates have been ordered to stay in their buildings under house arrest unless granted judicial permission to leave.

The Tate brothers’ spokesperson told BBC they are “ecstatic.” All four detainees will remain under house arrest until April 29th. 

Andrew Tate vs Logan Paul Fight

On October 31, during an episode of Sean O’Malley’s ‘TimboSugaShow’ podcast, MMA fighter, Logan Paul proposed a match with Tate; “Why don’t we do something that both of us have never done?”… “Clean record. 0 and 0. Let us step into the f**king octagon, brother. An MMA fight, me versus Tate in the UFC.”

Image source: Twitter

Tate countered from his presumed Twitter account with; “If the terms are fair to both parties, I will fight Logan in the cage and destroy him.” And then he proceeded to compare Paul to his younger brother, boxer Jake Paul.

Paul, seemed excited about the response and replied with; “Holy sh*t this is fantastic. I honestly didn’t think you’d take my offer. Literally just got off the phone with our mutual contact and I’m down for your drug test and any other fair terms you want. This is going to happen.”

Although the official fight details have not been announced it looks as though plans are in action, as Paul was recently seen at the gym with his trainer.

Roadblocks Along the Way

Tate has regularly been the face of media scandals. As just noted, Tate was removed from Big Brother UK following the release of an inappropriate, abusive video.

Beyond his Big Brother UK removal, the media took notice of what Tate was tweeting during Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse case. Tate was tweeting at the time what his views of sexual abuse and harassment were, which received severe backlash. He received backlash yet again when he publicly stated that depression is not a real mental illness.

Throughout his online career, Tate has been suspended from Twitter three separate times.

If you were to Google “Why is Andrew Tate famous?” you’d stumble upon many of these instances of backlash and several more.

Beyond what was just noted, Tate has also made public statements about rape, has had his home raided by Romanian police as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation, and much more.

With so much negative publicity, it’s hard to understand why so many people go to Tate for advice, yet somehow Hustlers University continues to be profitable for Tate. 

What Is Hustlers University? 

Hustlers University is an online community founded by Andrew Tate on Discord, a popular social platform for gamers and students worldwide. Users can communicate via voice calls, video chatting, and instant messaging.

The platform offers access to crypto analysis, Copywriting, stock analysis, Business Management, Flipping, Affiliate Marketing, options play, DeFi, E-commerce, Freelancing, Real Estate, Financial Planning, and more. The platform costs $49 to join and $50 per month to choose a specialization.

Users are categorized based on their time and cash availability:


  • Time Poor and Cash Poor
  • Time Rich and Cash Poor
  • Time Poor and Cash Rich
  • Time-Rich and Cash Rich

Once you’ve been put into a category, you’ll have access to various learning channels. Those willing to spend a bit more benefit from exclusive channels on the platform or “campuses” based on different topics.

Hustlers University is a network of specialized Discord servers with professors for each server that Tate has reportedly handpicked. Allegedly these professors themselves are also multi-millionaires.

The selling point of this that Tate boasts is that by taking advantage of these courses, users can also become millionaires. 

Is Hustlers University a pyramid scheme? 

Hustlers University has been accused of being a pyramid scheme due to its affiliate program being students’ primary income source. Despite being marketed as a multi-level marketing scheme, many people view it as a pyramid scheme.

Positive reviews of the university often include an affiliate link, leading to accusations of biased opinions. This has resulted in significant negativity towards the university and its founder, Tate, who has faced hostility on various social media platforms.

The affiliate program is considered a pyramid scheme, as affiliates earn money by selling the program to others, which fits the definition of a pyramid scheme. 

Tate’s alleged monthly earnings of $5 million for every 20k subscribers to his channel have sparked controversy surrounding Hustlers University.

Critics argue that Tate preys on socially inhibited individuals and makes false promises of millionaire status through his courses. While affiliate programs and Tate himself may profit from the platform, vulnerable individuals are left drained by the system.

Despite the profit potential, the ethical concerns surrounding Hustlers University cannot be ignored.

The Meaning of Hustlers University’s Logo and Hustlers University’s Logo History: 

With the launch of Hustlers University, Andrew Tate began to operate under the name “Cobratate.” While already noted, Hustlers University came together with a simple goal: to educate its members on how to make money like Tate.

Tate pulls from his own experience and every instructor is verified by Tate directly. Tate also notes that each instructor makes between $10K-$500K each month in their related field. 

Hustlers University hasn’t been around for long, so they only have one version of their logo, but even with one version, it’s still important to take a closer look at what makes this logo unique. 

2021: The first (and only) version of the Hustlers University logo

At first glance, the logo resembles a notable logo from an accredited institution. While Tate hasn’t publicly come out to cite that was the reason why this logo was crafted, it appears that this was an intentional choice. Given the premise that Tate is trying to educate his followers, it makes sense that he would want his logo to resemble the crests of notable, educational institutions. 

Hustlers University logo font:

Hustlers University’s font is written in bold typography, which makes the title of his community stand out. There are some shadow effects to further emphasize the title of this. Like other fonts often used for logos, this font is highly legible and easy to decipher even if you are viewing from farther away. No matter the size of the marketing medium that this font is printed on, it’s easy to scale and is always easy to read. 

Hustlers University logo color:

Tate chose gold as his primary color choice for his logo. This choice was likely made because gold symbolizes wealth, power, and money which are all things that Tate hopes to help his members achieve. Tate’s whole premise is focused on helping others get rich, so gold is a logical color choice. The logo sits on a black background which further conveys feelings of mystery and power, which was also an intentional choice. 

Hustlers University logo symbols:

The only symbol on Tate’s logo is an emblem that resembles a crest. This emblem is like notable institutions, yet it doesn’t have any words or lettering within the crest, unlike educational institutions. At the top of the crest sits a crown, which was likely an intentional choice to signify riches and power. The only issue with his emblem choice is that it incorrectly gives these feelings because Hustlers University itself is not an accredited institution. 

Andrew Tate Today

While Tate is of American and British descent, he currently resides in Romania. His whole platform was built on creating an online presence so it makes sense that Tate would have a significant following himself. Today, he has over 2.7 million Instagram followers, and that number continues to climb. Even just since July of 2022, his followers have grown by over 1 million. 

It’s difficult to determine how much Tate’s online career and Hustlers University have earned him, but it is estimated that he could be worth $250 million by the end of 2022. 

Lessons Learned from Andrew Tate and Hustlers University’s Logo

With Tate, having a business that is so out there has worked for him. Going against the grain and pushing boundaries has caused his business to grow even more, for better or for worse.

While some believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity, it’s hard to believe that Tate’s business will continue to grow for many decades because of all his negative recent media coverage.

Looking specifically at his Hustlers University logo, it was important for Tate to keep his logo applicable to the focus of his business.

For him, that meant that he created a simple logo that gave his followers a feeling of familiarity. His followers may (or may not) have attended an academic institution previously, so he chose a logo that would convey feelings of accreditation to his followers.

By doing this, he is attempting to show his community that the information he is asking them to pay for, is valuable, reputable information. 

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