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Featured Design Contest: Shore Drive Realty – Real Estate Logo

Your new business logo should resonate with your mission, values, and offerings. A logo doesn’t just symbolize a brand; it narrates its story, ethos, and spirit in a visual snippet that’s etched into the minds of its audience. When Shore Drive Realty, a vacation rental company, needed a logo, they turned to Hatchwise.

What Was Requested

Shore Drive Realty envisioned a logo that was a mix of classic, playful, and elegant. They wanted an uncomplicated logo like those from the 1960s, exuding a fun, beachy vibe.

A palette of pastels of blue, oranges, and reds was on the wish list. Our community of creatives at Hatchwise submitted logos that spanned from the elegantly simplistic to the innovatively extravagant.

Here, we explore sixteen standout submissions that Shore Drive Realty received, offering you a window into the Logo Design Contest, where your vision will be translated into reality, tailored to your brand.

Entry #3018635 by Ilham Fajri

Our first submission gives a vibrant, cheerful feel, invoking a beach vibe. The image features a quaint beach house perched on the shoreline. The brand name unfolds in a stylized font, in blue and encased by a crisp white outline. Contrasting this, “realty” is in a bold, block font, in a striking orange. Palm trees stand tall against a backdrop of radiant orange sun rays, and the business tagline arcs alongside.

Entry #3027710 by plexdesign

This vibrant and expressive logo intertwines fun with descriptiveness. The initial two words of the brand name are rendered in a bubbly font, while “REALTY” is in all uppercase letters below. Above the logo’s imagery, “Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals” forms a semi-circle. An inviting beach condo serves as the focal point, backed by a radiant rainbow, in the top half of the circle. It captures attention and embodies the essence of lively and memorable beachside getaways.

Entry #3017689 by andsue

Andsue presents an engaging condo rental theme featuring varying shades of red as its backdrop. The words ‘Shore Drive’ are in a lively orange font at the forefront, while ‘REALTY’ is subtly positioned below in a crisp, white all-capital lettering.

Entry #3017628 by 3PULKILL

This entry effortlessly blends simplicity with fun. The brand name gracefully sprawls in a vibrant red, in a cursive script, positioned above “Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals.” The latter is boldly in an all-caps, solid font. A judicious use of white space contrasts nicely with the striking red, creating a visually appealing and balanced design.

Entry #3027131 by balsh

This logo presents a harmonious blend of vibrant orange and serene blue, forming a visually pleasing circular design. Encasing the emblem, an orange outline contrasts the primarily blue base. Above a condo, a skyline bathed in sunrays transitions into a vivid orange. The brand name is displayed across the lapping blue waters in a white font, with the word “REALTY” in orange uppercase letters. Just beneath are three stars. Arching above the scene, “MYRTLE BEACH VACATION RENTALS” is in a crisp, white, all-uppercase font.

Entry #3020098 by andsue

Andsue introduces another enchanting entry, this time featuring a circular logo in shades of orange and anchored by a solid blue. The ellipse, outlined in a vibrant, bright orange, works well with the bubble-like cursive font of the brand name. Sunrays and palm trees provide a serene and welcoming scene in the backdrop.

Entry #3020882 by Armchtrm

The circle theme is popular; this iteration uses a gentle pale blue for the cursive font of the brand name, contrasted with “realty” in a vibrant orange block font. Against the backdrop of a serene beach pier, the “h” in “shore” playfully appears to ride a wave, offering a whimsical touch.

Entry #3025112 by Tony_Brln

Unlike most submissions, this entry takes on a rectangular form. Inside is an image of a beach condo and a graceful palm tree. A warm palette of orange shades bathes the scene, while the brand name is artfully presented in a bold block font, contrasted by the word “realty” in cursive.

Entry #3028749 by Sujono

This circle logo entry integrates the company’s phone number, marrying practicality with design, offering a call to action in the logo. Using a harmonious blend of blue, orange, and white shades, the logo showcases the brand name and tagline in cursive and block white fonts. This design catches the eye and cleverly encourages instant communication, a thoughtful and strategic approach to branding.

Entry #3018620 by Tony_Brln

Next up is a logo in a distinctive circular design, juxtaposed by a uniquely squared-off bottom, with the word “REALTY” in bold, uppercase letters. The brand name is in a subtle peach,  outlined in vibrant orange and a gentle light blue. Nestled within the circle is a beach scene featuring a boardwalk and high-rise condos, offering a coastal aesthetic.

Entry #3017786 by wongsanus

This logo artfully uses the brand name to shape its design. Scripted in white cursive, it’s contoured with a subtle light blue and a rich, dark green shade. A Ferris wheel and palm trees adorn the visual. “Realty” is in a sturdy block font, while nestled just below, “Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals” is in sentence case, in vibrant red.

Entry #3019644 by plexdesign

This submission has a luminous orange hue like the sun, encircled by a blue outline that also fills the space between the brand name’s lettering. The logo includes a pier, condos, and palm trees, offering a beach ambiance.

Entry #3017748 by pawikmulya

This logo boasts a sleek box shape in a rich black hue, providing a striking backdrop for a blue-shaded house and a warming sun. The brand name elegantly is in a vibrant orange cursive, while the word ‘REALTY’ is boldly in uppercase letters.

Entry #3017681 by andsue

This logo creatively uses the brand name as its foundation just under a stylized roof and window, offering a home’s warm and welcoming image. The brand name is scripted in bubble cursive in a vibrant palette blending orange and red hues, marrying whimsy and familiarity.

Entry #3021275 by Ilham Fajri

Circles are popular, and one is used perfectly in this logo, framed in a rich dark blue. Sunrays, birds, and a serene pier fill the upper half of the circle. Completing the circle, the brand name is in a bright orange font that balances crispness and playfulness.

The Winning Design

Entry #3028587 by Armchtrm

The winning logo design captures the brand within a circle. Arching over the top of the circle, the descriptive tagline is in a crisp white font. Completing the circle, the brand name is in a cursive white font, with the word “realty” in all caps block letters, and the company phone number is in a distinctive blue, positioned just below. Within the circle is a picturesque beach condo scene with a skyline bathed in warm orange sunlight, silhouetted palm trees swaying, a tranquil ocean extending to the horizon, and birds gliding overhead.

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