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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

Hi everyone! We really love the simplicity of this recent contest entry.

Good design concepts don’t always need a lot of colors – it’s all in the details! Great job, Rono!

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The Complete History Of The Sony Logo

When it comes to electronics, most of us want to purchase our products from a company we know and trust. Whether that is Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, or another reputable company, with electronics, brand loyalty is everything.

That may lead you to ask yourself, “How is brand loyalty built?” Well, the answer is short and sweet – simply put, a company builds brand loyalty through a timeless logo design. And that’s the story for the brand, Sony.  The Official Sony LogoSony is a company that has been around for over 75 years and it’s a company whose logo is known all over the world.

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Featured Design Contest: Buhl Middle School Track And Field

At Hatchwise, we understand the importance of t-shirt designs in promoting athletic teams and showcasing a company’s brand. We recently came across a middle school track and field team t-shirt design contest and were excited to see some of the designs submitted.

In this blog post, we have compiled a few of our favorite designs, details about the client’s request, and the final result they received.

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Featured Design Contest: Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd.

T-shirts are an excellent way for companies to advertise and can be one of the most effective marketing methods available. When marketers are struggling with their advertising, a simple solution is to display their company on a t-shirt.

T-shirts can be used in many ways to advertise, whether it’s through a logo on employees’ shirts or a catchy saying on a t-shirt. Since a t-shirt is easily seen and worn everywhere, it gets a lot of traction and helps companies reach broader audiences.

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When A Brand Goes Viral and It’s Not a Good Look

Remember back when Snapchat and singer sensation Rhianna partnered and branded a social media campaign that ended up as a very costly gaffe?
The messaging app lost almost $1 billion after the social network made an appalling attempt at humor that alluded to domestic violence. In essence, that viral message missed the mark by a landslide, and efforts to clean it up didn’t go over so well.

Before your brand goes viral, consider the following and how to ensure your organization doesn’t lose money, doesn’t spread the wrong message, and gives your audience a dose of positive vibes while spreading the brand’s voice:
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