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The recent winner of a mascot design contest, we love this smoking dog! Great job, Cuthy_Tayee!

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The History Of The Google Logo

If you want to confirm if a restaurant is open, where do you go? If you want to find out more information about a product you just saw an advertisement for, where do you go? Or, if you want to get inspiration for holiday gifts, where do you go? Chances are Google is the first website you visit to search for what you are looking for. 

“Googling” has become something all of us do daily. None of us give it any thought – whenever we want to find something out, we go to to learn more. Beyond just being our go-to search engine, Google has evolved to include YouTube, smart home devices, smartphones, and so much more. 

There’s a reason why whatever Google touches turns to gold. It’s because their logo is familiar and relatable, and because their logo evokes trust and high quality. It doesn’t matter what Google’s logo is printed on, if you as a consumer see it, you know what you are about to purchase will be cutting-edge and will be a product that will stand up to the hype. 

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Featured Design Contest Davenport Cleaning Co.

Hatchwise contests are always fun and exciting. There are so many different companies, branding ideas, and creative designs that it’s truly a delight to be involved and to have a firsthand look at everything coming through. 

One recent Hatchwise contest was for Davenport Cleaning Co. This domestic cleaning company requested a logo design from one of the many talented Hatchwise designers. The contest was quite popular, with 193 entries from 63 creatives, making it quite challenging to choose the winner.  

Here’s a closer look at the Davenport Cleaning Co. logo design contest:

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Featured T-Shirt Design Contest: Champ Pizza 

Today’s featured design contest was run by Hatchwise client TysonChamp, who needed a t-shirt designed for their sports-themed take-out restaurant, Champ Pizza. The shirts will be worn by team members, but the client is hoping that the design will be cool and “swag-worthy” enough that customers and fans would want to wear them as well.

TysonChamp received a total of 59 fantastic original design entries, and the winning designer, DeeHarrison was awarded a $350 prize.

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History of the Jack Daniels Logo and The History of the Business

Today, Jack Daniels is the best-selling American liquor worldwide. It has inspired the development of more top-selling distilleries in Tennessee, the U.S, including Prichard’s distillery, Pennington Distilling firm, etc.

Jack Daniel’s features a black-and-white label that appears on everything the firm owns. Black works as the trademark’s frame color. To some individuals, the color black was used to honor Jack, who died in 1911.

The logo had an oval shape, with the brand’s name legibly featured on the top. The famous ‘Old No. 7’ label sits in the middle of the emblem, making the logo classic, unique, and adorable. The black and white persona in the logo represents elegance and hygiene.

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