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We love this entry that was the winner of a recent contest! Submitted by Amit1991, this design is a perfect example of how sometimes dark and unique is the right direction to go. Don’t be afraid to go strong and bold with your designs!

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The iconic Pizza Hut logo has certainly made its mark and is now one of the most recognized logos in the world. The logo has been around for decades, being first introduced in 1958 and having a few different changes to finally arrive at the result that we’re familiar with today.
The US-based fast-food chain and the international franchise are famous for not only their pizza but also their desserts, pasta, breadsticks, buffalo wings, and side dishes. Pizza Hut has quickly become the world’s largest catering structure and is now recognized by people all around the world. 

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Looking through contests on the site happens to be one of our favorite past times and every so often we’ll see one that sparks our interest. More often than not it’ll be the winning entry that catches our gaze and prompts us to look at the other entries. This contest in particular caught our interest when we saw the winning entry, leading us to take a look at the other entries that had been submitted. We thought the entries were so unique that we were prompted to share the contest with you!  
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The Raiders are a professional football team that originated from Oakland, California, and was founded in 1960. Since then the team has grown and is now a charter member of the American Football League. They’ve built quite the fanbase and are feared by their opponents when they’re on the field. The team has always had the one mascot that they seek for inspiration, the mascot appearing on the logo that’s only had a few changes made to it in the years that it’s represented the team. 

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How To Host A Fantastic Unlimited Naming Contest and Get The Results You Need!

You’ve done the hard work and you’re almost ready to launch your next product, your new start-up, or your next project. Whatever the case might be, you’re prepared for the roll-out and you’re ready for success. There’s just one element missing: the name.
Naming contests have been developed as a way to connect the smartest creatives with the business leaders who can use their talents. To participate, creatives will read your creative brief, brainstorm, provide their information, and then submit the name that they have come up with to fit your needs.

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