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blnqr, Inc.

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

blnqr, Inc. is a social media software startup (five people working lean in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA). Our big idea is that people know more than they are aware of. Our software is a set of services for getting people to think without thinking and then using the results to discover hidden truths about friends, customers, employees, and self. Our motto is engage your intuition.

Ultimately, we want everybody in the world to use blnqr multiple times per day on our website, with an app, or via licensed API. They might be reacting to prompts during a live video feed, putting in their 2¢ about referee after the game, helping a friend decide what to name the baby, taking a survey after driving through a fast food restaurant, or taking a fandom quiz to see what Game of Thrones character they most resemble.

The blnqr difference is that anybody can create one of these blnqr games and embed it in any online platform. The blnqr secret sauce is a set of complex algorithms for presenting and sorting items and for analyzing the results using recent advanced in behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and deep learning.

To create a blnqr, the customer decides who will be playing, whether it will happen in real time or not, whether the player will select one of a pair of prompts or indicate a reaction to a single prompt, and how the results will be used.

The design should have the following

This version of the website needs to target millennials and other social media-savvy Internet users in the developed world. We want it to be easy for visitors to pick a popular or recent blnqr (such as a rapid response survey or timely fandom quiz) from the home page or search page and play it. We also want users to register an account so that they can create their own blnqrs, view and edit blnqrs they have created, and see results from them. There should also be pages that have easy ways to learn about the science of rapid cognition and find out what other people and organizations have done with blnqr.

The design should have the following

0 general guidance
The designs must work well on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. Feel free to use images from Shutterstock, 123rf, etc.—we will acquire the necessary royalties from the clip-art website for any images we want to use. We want a fast, not overly "artsy" design, but we would be glad to consider different approaches. Any fonts used must be easily readable. Feel free to use any of the text or quotes on the website (

The design should have a sense of the following mottos: engage your intuition. put intuition to work. intuition of the crowd. trust your gut (because of math). the heart gets its say. There is important science behind blnqr, but the design should combine a sense of fun with the idea that something great is happening.

We are looking for designs for the following types of pages.
1 home page (shows blnqrs to play and ways to find more; call to action is to play a blnqr and/or register an account so that you can write your own)

2 login or create new account

3 member home page (registered user sees list of blnqrs they created with information on their performance and the results gathered so far)

4 blnqr start (with instructions, description, etc.)

5 blnqr play (shows one prompt with two choices or two prompts; countdown timer of some kind or some other way of indicating time pressure;

6 blnqr success results (various types, including single answer or sorted list with or without aggregate group results; see below)

7 blnqr fail (something went wrong and blnqr did not get enough input in the time allotted)

8 blnqr creation

9 information (any page where the primary purpose is to convey information, including blog, about us, privacy policy, case studies, discussions of relevant science, pricing, etc.)

We realize that all of the winning ideas and designs may not come from the same person and we are willing to pay "bounties" or partial awards to designers for original, creative ideas we end up using. We are also happy to answer any questions or clarify any details. Again, you do not have to submit designs for every page in order to receive an award.

Additional information, including mockups or prototypes for the following pages, will be made available once the contest is launched. Please take these as conceptual only. They are in no way an indication of preferred style, theme, font, orientation, or anything like that.

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Website and interactive product UX design for hot new social media startup