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Craft Artisan Design, Inc. (doing business as Attenur) is a small research and development firm focused on developing technological solutions for modern problems. Among others, Attenur has developed innovative solutions to address facility-access security, avionic ultrasound flow metering.

Attenur has developed identification scanning software (IDS) that utilizes custom scanning hardware (for larger clients) and provides analytics to our users. In one use-case involving a Southern California casino, IDS is used to identify individuals using the casino’s transportation services, thereby allowing casino employees to identify VIP’s and Blocked patrons prior to boarding the bus. On the back end, IDS’s data visualization capabilities enable the analysis of the data in countless combinations.

Attenur is currently working on a small business innovation research (SBIR) project with the US Air Force. Traditionally, flow metering solutions for jetcraft have been designed as inline components of the entire fuel system. This has been a costly design due to the labor, components, and time involved in the access, maintenance, and repair of the inline flow metering components. Attenur has been tasked with the development of a software and hardware solution that will enable noninvasive, ultrasonic, flowmeter integration into jets that functions throughout the entire flight envelope of a jetcraft and affords easy access for quick maintenance and repair.

These are not simple tasks, but they demonstrate Attenur’s ability to attack and develop new and innovative approaches to modern problems, which is what brought us to our tagline: “Pioneering Technologies for Your Business Demands.”

Our Current customers include: The US government, Us Air Force, US Navy, etc..

Our Competitors include: bah.com, ngc.com, Lockheed martin, boeing

Please use same colors as bizsecure.com (White and alight blue) NO DARK WEBSITES please. Looking for a bright website

The design should have the following

Should show we do cyber security services for the government, Risk Management Framework,

Research and development, business intelligence, etc

Pls look at bizsecure.us

That is our old website, looking to rebrand to attenur and bring a brighter and more professional look

We current have a contest for logo, we will submit logo design upon completion of that contest

Briefly describe your contest

to build our webste, Home page, capabilities page, about page