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ThisTimeIMeanIt.com Tagline Project

by scottqmarcus

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ThisTimeIMeanIt.com Tagline Project

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Upbeat, motivational website & coaching service, run by a pro speaker, aimed at people who are frustrated with trying to change and ready to really do so. Basic concept is "Strive for Imprefection," i.e., do something well - not NOTHING perfectly.

What do you need written

I am looking for a tag line that could go on the logo and be used as part (or all) of an elevator speech that very quickly puts out the concept of what ThisTimeIMeanIt.com is all about. I'd like it to be usable by myself too when asked, "What do you do?" Currently, I reply,"I'm the CRP (Chief Recovering Perfectionist) of ThisTimeIMeanIt.com. When you're tired of making excuses and you're ready to really change, come to ThisTimeIMeanIt.com" I'm lucky to get this website name as it sums up a lot of what I do and what it does but my reply is not very clever and it doesn't suit the personality of myself nor the site. The site provides a lot of free inspirational and motivational material but there is also a coaching service, for which I charge. The basic premise behind my coaching is (as mentioned in the other section) "Strive for Imprefection" (sic). In effect, we don't move forward because we try and do too much and we get overwhelmed. We think we have to be perfect, which is impossible so in order to avoid feeling bad by failing, we just don't try. My concept is "Think 1st," which is an acronym for Pick 1 thing, make it Small, get through Today.(1st) I believe that trying to do too much causes us to do too little (hence the title "recovering perfectionist"). The site is targeted to 35 and older women and most of them are looking to lose weight because they met me and that's how they found the site however, there are others involved too and they are trying to change all sorts of habits - usually in addition to losing weight. (I am called a THINspirational speaker because I started my career after losing 70 pounds.)

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