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One pithy flyer headline

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We take maternity, newborn and post-birth at-home photos for moms and families. We have contracts with hospitals to be the exclusive provider of in-hospital photography and are working to leverage that relationship for maternity & at home services.

What do you need written

Our goal is to let expecting parents know that while we'll see them at the hospital when their baby is born, we also offer maternity (baby bump) photography services prior to birth, and progressive photo sessions of the baby as it grows, in the comfort of the family’s own home.

This flyer will be distributed to expecting parents at hospital birthing classes and OB/GYN doctors’ offices. The 11”x14” version will be a small poster we will display in these settings.

We are looking for a clever, creative way to convey the primary message outlined below. Keep in mind that a “smart cute” tone works well in our business. It is babies after all. It should capture this time of excitement and anticipation for the expecting family. Primary Message: Dimples offers affordable packages of beautiful maternity, in-hospital, and at home photography of mom, your new baby, and family.

For reference search Google Images of "Maternity," "Newborn," and "Family," photos. Samples that appear outside or in a home are what we do - no backdrops or studio feel. Although we do bring professional studio lighting and camera. Our value proposition and/or package pricing may or may not play into the actual headline, depending on the angle the writer takes. But there could potentially be a clever play on the visuals of the various styles of photography we provide and the great value/price we offer.

For $389 our customers receive:
- An at-home maternity session including a flash drive of all final edited photos (12-25)
- An in-hospital newborn session including a flash drive of all final edited photos (12-25)
- Two post-birth at-home photo sessions, a $148 value (photos not included)

Based on a review of photographers’ prices in the markets we serve, our pricing is about half of the going rate. Our exclusive contract with the client’s birthing hospital and the steady stream of new business it provides, allows us to offer our premium photo services at lower rates than our competitors.

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