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Columbine Wrestling

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I coach wrestling at Columbine High School. Our team has been getting better and better every year since we've taken over the program 5 years ago. Last year we had two state champions and are looking to continue to build our progress.

Every season, we do a special shirt for the wrestlers who qualify for the State Championships. This will be that shirt for 2021.

The design should have the following

Heather Grey shirt. Navy blue and white print. Black if you need another color.

FRONT TEXT: Rise of the Rebels

- An Illustration of our mascot (colonial rebel) in an action pose. Ideally it would be the rebel jumping out of the shirt like the attached example. But, it could be anything that looks good. The rebel with his hands on his hips, the rebel waving a flag with "C" on it for Columbine,
- I DO NOT want the rebel to look too cartoony.
- I want the rebel to look tough and mean and intimidating.
- No guns.
- I found the attached Liberty Tattoo example because I liked the pose, aside from the cartoonish nature of the character.


Columbine Wrestling
2021 State Qualifiers

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Rise of the Rebels