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Product Naming Contest for Sewn Product

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Product Naming Contest for Sewn Product

Describe your company and organization and target audience

I am a micro business at this point. I created this product for a friend for a baby shower gift and I want to create it for more people and additional applications. Black Hills Sewing is the name of my organization however I am not fully in business at this point.

What do you need written

I need a name for my product!
The item is a universal arm chair storage caddy. It has a weighted end so it holds in any chair/couch and a slip guard that prevents slipping. This allows it to hang on any chair arm.
There are three applications: Nursery chairs/rockers, everyday such as a couch living room application and for elderly and limited mobility individuals. That option could hang from a walker or rollator for elderly individuals and because of the design it would hang off of any unit.

Detailed product information:
Universal arm chair storage caddy is a device that lays over any chair arm and holds items to be within reach. The items can be stored in multiple compartments on the Universal arm chair storage caddy. The Universal arm chair storage caddy has a weighted end to counter act the weight of the stored items and it has a slip guard to hold it in place.
Hang Universal arm chair storage caddy on any arm chair and store items such as a cell phone, remote, tablet, or nursery chair items.

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