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St. Patrick Lake Longbows $150

Brochure Design Contest for St. Patrick Lake Longbows

by erikhoff

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for St. Patrick Lake Longbows

Company or website name:

St. Patrick Lake Longbows

Slogan or taglines:

showcase the different bow models. They are hunting bows so the background should be outdoorsy

Describe your company and organization and target audience:

At St. Patrick Lake Longbows, bowyer, Erik Hoff, builds and designs traditional bows for archers at all ages and skill levels. These bows have been thoroughly tested to ensure their performance is reliability are exceptional. Each bow is constructed one by one, making each of them unique and allowing the archer many choices.

please reference webiste:

There is something about the simplicity and pureness of traditional archery that brings out this passion and peacefulness from deep inside. Walking thru the woods with bow in hand, whether hunting or stumping, makes me feel this connection with nature that I do not feel doing any other activity. Maybe it is because the choice to shoot such a simple thing as a stick and a string has inherent limitations, forcing us to be ultra focused on everything in the woods in order to learn about the game we pursue with the hope of getting close enough for an ethical shot. Or maybe its the beauty of the arc of a perfectly cast arrow, that many of us saw for the first time as a kid, that captures our mind and for the moment that the arrow arcs thru the air everything in our world is perfect.

St. Patrick Lake Longbows was born out of a passion for Traditional Archery and spending time with my family and friends in the great outdoors. I grew up shooting a compound and hunting with one for many years. Many years ago I ended up with a longbow in my hands and the connection I felt with the bow and arrow developed a entirely new level of passion for archery that I couldn't get enough of. The connection I felt with the woods, animals and mother nature felt like "this is the way God intended us to connect with his creation."

Wanting to feed this passion I eventually decided that I needed to start building my own bows. This turned into an addiction of its own, in constant pursuit of perfection I continued to build bow after bow. After many designs and many failures, I have developed a few models that have proven to be incredible shooters.

The design should have the following:

my email in the profile on hatchwise is spelled in correctly and I am unable to change it. If you need to communicate with me the correct email is stpatricklakelongbows@gmail.com

I am basically trying to get a print brochure together that I can send out to customers who do not use the internet. I want to have info about each individual bow. Wording, pricing and pictures can be found on the website or facebook page. Preferably there would be a page for each model, pics of each

The Youth Styk does not need its own page. maybe somewhere on the back something could be said about youth bows being available.

We do not want this in the entries:

Not Available

Files uploaded to this contest:

AdventureStyk Profile.jpg
AdventureStyk Profile.jpg
American 1.jpg
American Styk profiles.jpg
American 2.jpg
Minnesota 1.jpg
Minnesota Styk Profile pics.jpg
Swift Styk Profiles.jpg
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