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Company or website name

One -

Taglines or slogans.

Gum packaging and logo design

Describe your company and organization.

We are a small startup company looking to market our product and use the funds for social development in third world countries. Our company's motto is "Profit for purpose"

Describe your target audience.

Our product is chewing gum similar to 5 gum and stride. Although broad we are trying to market to anyone who is willing to purchase our product and be a philanthropist on a micro scale. Purchasers will be male and female, college aged and above.

The design should have the following:

I would love to see creative gum packaging, and a logo with the company's name "ONE" on it. We would like the gum package to be unique and stand out against the large competitors.

What do you need in the design:

The vision for "One" gum is to give purchasers the ability to buy our gum product and realize their purchase will have purpose and give something in return. We are going to work with retailers to carry out the brand and get brand recognition through our "profit for purpose" business model. Our goal for this project is to find an awesome design that will create interest with a potential buyer who has never seen the brand. We feel with the right package design and "one" logo we can create curiosity in the brand and draw users to our display. We would also love to find a designer who has passion for this type of social entrepreneurship and work on more aspects of the products, such as display stands, brochure design, Ad design ect. Please any questions on the project would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with designers and will provide continuous feedback throughout the process! Thank You!

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