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Creative Brief

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Company or website name


Slogan or Tagline

just the name of the site

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We have two colors we would like in the logo - black and green. The green ref is #239809 but can go down to #0B9003 and up to #1D9708 (red variance more than blue). For the imagery we have nothing set in stone - as much design creativity as possible.

The design should have the following

needs some imagery/icon - looking for a theme/persona/ID for the site. Would like words and images combined in some way, however layout shape and style are at designers discretion.

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

The target audience is IT professionals. From DBAs and sysadmins through managers and CTOs. They consume content online to keep up to date with the latest development and research new products. Not only the stereotype of techs, but the new generation

Colors to use in the design


Briefly describe your contest

Creative & non-geeky logo for IT website