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Run Payments

by jdemirdjian
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Run Payments

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TBD, see below brief for examples. We want your input.

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RUN Payments….. RUN PAY, or Run Payment Sytems. We need to see lots of options. Open to different color schemes though we like greens, blues, lot's of clean white space. Will want to see versions that are color on white background and inverse flip for evaluation. If you can show the logo on a mock up website, a logo on the office wall as realistic as possible, on hoodies, swag, stickers.....we will give extra cosideration. What we do: We are a tech company that specializes in online payment processing for websites, stores, merchants. We solve lots of technical problems for developers of websites and save merchants millions of dollars a year on extra fees. this of us as the leaders in safe, easy to use, honest online payments that are secure, easy to install in your web workflow, compliant, and supported by real humans not bots or never ending FAQ's. Why we are different: payments processing isn't exciting, but it's a necessary part of doing business and a huge expense for both consumers and businesses. We make it easy to get started quickly, easy to switch away from impersonal larger providers like stripe who make it impossible to get support and can kick you off platform at will and without warning. We are a partner not a provider and our track record and performance speaks for itself. Creative brief: Literally….we are running payments for our clients, enabling them to run credit cards. They "Run" through us, for them, for their customers, R- reliable U- unique solutions for every level of processing need N-no nonsense…transparent, consistent, and real human support no matter faster, run further, run more profitable, run more compliant, run more relaxed knowing you’ve got all bases covered. Relating to the client: We’ve been there, we’ve put ourselves in your shoes, payments should be simple for all parties, easy and transparent, and always supported with a real human staff, no bots, always on, and Some tagline thoughts: We're always running because money never sleeps. And neither does run. How are you running payments today? Uphill? Carrying an anchor? Imagery? Up early (we’ve got you covered). Run 24x7? We got you covered. Online, offline, or in the woods (show a guy swiping a card at a food truck in Forrest, we got you covered. Nothing beats a good pair of running shoes. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training and support, or the right equipment?. Don’t run your business that way either.



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