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My Best Me

by Beenie13rs
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My Best Me

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Get a team on your side. School districts are equipped to support students from so many angles. Unfortunately, bureaucratic and financial constraints keep schools from providing students with what can help them thrive, and instead focus on what students need to allow them to meet benchmarks. Our goal is different. We focus on helping children be the best versions of themselves that they can be across the areas of their life. At home, at school, with friends, and engaged in recreational activities, we want to team up with you to help your child thrive. We know that seeing a child through one lens, be it through an OTs training or from a psychiatric perspective, fails to appreciate all of the different ways we can understand and support a child. So, we take the best of all the disciplines have to offer. By collaborating, we exponentially increase our ability to help by recognizing the scope of ways we can help. Through our multidisciplinary team, we address all of steps of the process in moving your child from floundering to thriving. You’ll start with a multidisciplinary evaluation conducted by a psychologist, integrating testing by specialists based on identified concerns (eg speech, OT). The team will then provide a road map of the best ways to achieve success. Our next step will be to bring the plan to life, providing your child with the services and supports they need to “be my best me.” Through weekly team meetings, we will constantly monitor your child’s progress, help them meet and exceed goals, and ultimately graduate as a more successful and better adjusted version of the child who first came in. Here is an excerpt, the last step of what the child is meant to leave with- Ultimately, through his work with an invested and compassionate team, the child meets his goals and leaves as a well rounded, confident child, channeling his energetic and creative nature into his academics and recreational interests, able to learn and manage life more effectively. The child is reminded that the team will be there should life get challenging and ultimately leaves as “my best me.”



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