Logo Design Contest

Dharmic Living International

by MarkBunn

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Winning entry by Nuning

Company or website name

Dharmic Living International

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Dharmic Living is a new business based in Australia that promotes all things “health, higher consciousness (enlightenment)' and living in tune with nature’. It is based on eastern medicine (Ayurveda/Ayurvedic medicine) and ancient Vedic science. Audience = highly health conscious / spiritual.

The design should have the following

Our Goal: Logo with our business name text DHARMIC LIVING International + a ‘Possible Image’ to compliment it. Notes: 1. Font size of ‘International’ should be much smaller than Dharmic Living. 2. Design should be simple and classic but with a little bit of ‘vibrancy’/life-force’ and convey ... Living in harmony with Nature/The Cosmos Possibilities: 1: Logo Text Similar to Existing Business See the attached logo of my current business - Mark Bunn - Simple Wisdom for Conscious Living One idea is to simply have the new logo have the same font and style of this logo and just vary the color scheme and possibly include an additional image, e.g. sunrise, constellation of stars, nature (see below). * Feel free to send a new logo in the same font, style and layout as this but just changing the colors (and if desired adding in an image to go with it, e.g. sunrise). 2: New Logo: You are also welcome to submit a completely new logo. Images: Open to ideas/suggestions, but possibilities may include; A. A Sun or “sunrise”. I.e. living in tune with mother nature /natural law is living in tune with the natural cycles of the sun. Sunrise is a strong concept in this regard so a sunrise image or similar (bringing in the new light of the day etc) may be good. *** This does not have to be separate to the text. I.e it could be very subtle or as if shining behind or through the text. B. Planet(s) or Constellation of Stars. Symbolising the universality of life … we humans being ‘connected’ to the cosmos / laws of nature etc Creative Licence: We’re equally happy if you just want to go with your creativity. Final Note: Feel free to send a quick mock design (or more) to begin with and if we like the general look/feel we can get you to expand or refine from there. Cheers & Thank you.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

Yin Yang symbols, green trees or anything else that is overused.

Colors to use in the design

Colors: * It should NOT be black or too dark/heavy overall. ** Can include one darker color but the overall feel should be brighter or vibrant. *** You could also just use my existing colors (see palette attached) and simply add an extra color, e.g orange (sunrise) …..or use your own colours from scratch. **** Generally like royal blue, aqua blue, metallic & a maybe 'little' bit of orange

Briefly describe your contest

Design an Exquisite Logo for Spiritual Health Co. – Dharmic Living