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Absolute Advantage Financial

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Absolute Advantage Financial

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YOUR Dream~ Funded.

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Absolute Advantage.Financial Graphic Design Brief 1. Corporate profile Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions Core Values People Our customers are front and centre, the most important aspect of what we do. Service Have we done all we can to simplify the finance process for you? Have lifted the burden off your shoulders? Trust Peace of Mind is the true measure of whether or not we have met your objectives. Dreams We deliver dreams The house The car Business Cashflow At core we know this is why you come to us. To achieve your dreams. Not for a loan. The loan is a means to an end Our Product is Money Our Service is to get you the money you need from the lenders who provide it at the best price and best terms for your circumstances. Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions was established in 2004. We have had the same logo. We are working on a fresh digital strategy for our business and we need a New Look to go with it. There has been a move towards cleaner and more communicative logos in the marketplace. 2. Target audience Given that Money is our Product, narrowing our Niche means that we will always be losing clients to other competitors, in particular banks. People need Money for everything. To retain our customers we need to be able to meet at least these key needs. a. Home Buyers Home Loans b. Investors Investment Property Buyers c. Business Owners Commercial Property Buyers d. Unsecured Finance Motor Vehicles and other Modes of Transport e. Small to Medium Enterprise Owners Business Loans Commercial Loans 3. Market position We are a small sole operator company at moment. We are changing that. Currently we sit at the bottom of the food chain 4. Objectives Deliverables: A LOGO Design The Logo needs to inspire Confidence and Trust. It needs to COMMUNICATE a. Wealth b. Prosperity c. Success d. Movement up and forward In Summary: A logo that encompasses the context (ie home loans, money) AND the better place we move our clients to (imagery communicating advantage, efficiency, effortlessness, success, completion JOY etc) 5. Overview The old one was done in 2004 before the Digital Age and before the Brand Phenomenon. Now we want one that can give us Momentum and possibly launch our Brand. 6. Copy and pictures Hatchwise Bronze Logo Competition Outcomes: a. Completely Original Artwork (Owned by me) b. 30+Custom Logo Designs to choose from c. 5+Participating Designers d. Money back Guarantee 7. Background I will provide current logo for your perusal 8. Style of artwork It occurs to me that a logo with the Ability to have either different faces/facets, like a cube so that for the different markets the relevant face/facet is prominent e.g. House impression for home loans; Cash for business cashflow or Cars for car Finance Or surprise me. I am not even remotely acquainted with design technology. So, I really don’t know what I’m talking about. 8. Examples of relevant work 3 Attachments 9. Deadline As soon as you can deliver a good outcome. 10. Budget What is your budget for this project? Bronze Competition Project for $89



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