Warriors Within -a Logo Design Contest by warriorswithin

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Warriors Within

Slogan or Tagline

Purpose. Focus. Strength.

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a community of military veterans who have transitioned, or are in the process of transitioning into civilian life. The value of our community is in bringing veterans together to share their experiences about leaving the military as well as to teach others about the practices which have allowed them to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. We embrace the “warrior identity” that we shared while serving in the military and look to bring those skills and values into our current lives - especially in the form of meditation, physical fitness, and personal leadership. Our community is centered around a podcast, blog, and social media discussion groups.

Target audience
- Primary: Military veterans (not specific to USA), male/female, 25-55 years old, college educated
- Secondary: Non-military veterans of same age/gender demographic, interested in leadership and personal development, higher-income

The design should have the following


1) Three WARRIORS should conceptually have interlocking arms (see #1986692), appear to be seated around a table with fire (see #1987116), or joining arms (see #1978828). Ideally, a great design would be able to reconcile these three concepts to represent community.

2) Our favorite FIRE depictions are #1987038 and #1986591 - please incorporate fire in one of these styles, or in a similar, yet unique style

3) FIRE in center can be bound in a shape (see #1987116) or free-floating (see #1986692) - feel free to create both versions

4) Our favorite FONTS so far are #1987116, #1984519, #1985628, #1982623

5) BLUE color should resemble hue of #1987533

6) Current top designs have been rated 5 stars - please review for style and ideas, but do not copy, please be original



1) "Triangle" of 3 warriors with interlocked arms facing into center (see 5-star examples) - heads can be on corners OR sides of triangle; triangle could have rounded sides (like a shield); if possible, stylize heads to depict warriors // This imagery depicts community

2) Fire in center of warrior triangle, as if they are gathered around a campfire - fire should be stylized and integrated (NOT an icon) - Creative use of fire encouraged (e.g. extending beyond border of triangle, engulfing entire triangle, etc...) // This imagery depicts energy, strength, transformation

3) Only colors should be Blue, Black, and/or White

4) Design style = modern, abstract, simple, non-detailed

5) Review current 5-start rated designs for direction and style examples


We want our logo to represent the “warrior ethos” (leadership, strength, wisdom) without being too forward or overbearing. In general, we want our logo to be clean and simple. Our approach to the warrior identity rests on three principles - mind (wisdom), body (strength), spirit (leadership) - we are interested in possibly using a triangle somewhere to match our branding with our core thinking around this. Other shapes we have considered are a shield / badge to represent strength, as well as circles to represent our community and connectedness.

Objectives for logo
- Motivate community members with pride and excitement
- Attract interest from non-community members
- Meaningful, clever, and unique representation of community

Key Concepts
- Introspection, mindfulness, purpose, vision
- Strength, power, boldness
- Wisdom, focus, discipline, integrity
- Community, tribe, family

Design requirements
- Primary use case is icons for social media (YouTube, Instagram, FB, Soundcloud, etc. )
- Scalable from small icon size, to business cards, to t-shirts (not too much complexity which could look cluttered at a small size)
- Minimalist look

Imagery ideas
- A feeling of ancient times via a weathered or distressed look.
- Face of a warrior (side profile or from behind looking into distance)
- Two or more warriors together (at least one female)
- Warrior holding items/tools/weapon/shield
- Triangle to represent mind, body, and spirit
- Circle to represent community
- Fire/flame/torch to represent vision, passion, strength, transformation
- Blacksmith’s anvil to represent transformation
- Open book, compass, light prism

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Television/screen

This design should not have this in the entries

We want to avoid the all-too common reference to overt imagery such as weapons or armor, which is normally associated with military-related companies. With that said, we hope to invoke the same warrior ethos that is prevalent with the branding of these types of companies. If we were to use more traditional warrior imagery, we would only consider it if it was unique, creative, and intelligent.

Colors to use in the design

We want our design to me mainly composed of blacks and whites, while crisply highlighting a bright blue. Something similar to HEX #155DE9.

Ideally 1 color (blue, see above), no more than 2 colors (in addition to black and/or white)
No color gradients - solid colors only

Briefly describe your contest

Veteran organization needs inspirational logo design. **REVIEW BRIEF UPDATE FOR FINAL CRITERIA**