Logo Design Contest

Vapy Wednesday

by VapyWednesday

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Winning entry by Wahyhmd

Company or website name

Vapy Wednesday

Slogan or Tagline

Your cannabis guide.

Describe your company and organization and target audience


Growing medical and recreational cannabis market, information platform (medicine, usability, science etc.), medical cannabis, CBD

Medical support for medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers, awareness and distribution of cannabis related information on a scientific foundation, political changes, building a community of likeminded people, supplier of products, developer of products

The idea:

We are a science-based information website (look at “Goal”). Join our community and take part in our quality brand by designing a unique logo. Maybe it’s a start of a new movement and your logo will float the internet. Making us recognizable, will make you recognizable! Simple as that!

The vision:

Our vision is big! We want to establish a worldwide brand known for the best scientifically proven information about cannabis and supplies. For instance, in medical fields as well as in other science related topics. For that we want to spread a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, a responsibility-oriented handling and the pure benefits of cannabis as medicine and consumer good. In the long run we are going to conduct our own scientific studies in cooperation with universities and research institutes as a consequence of that we are going to generate fundamentally new research about cannabis. Starting a movement with good impact on people is our greatest aim.

The audience:

Medical marijuana patients.
Young, active and creative woman and man, but also older more adult and serious people.
Healthy and conscious people who don’t want to smoke, but vaporize instead.
passionate creative open minded people
Herb- and tech- enthusiasts.

Why Vapy Wednesday?

It’s that midweek Wednesday evening with your friends, family or even by yourself, relaxing, getting reset after work, filling up your batteries and draining the one in the vaporizer. In that moment it's all about enjoying life to its fullest, so you can give it your all for the rest of the week, like an equalization for a healthy work-life balance. We want to support that idea of a healthy and conscious living.

The design should have the following

Keep it simple!
The logo must be recognizable. The first look must be showy.
We prefer a unique sign which stands for itself and an additional tagline. But if there is the possibility to design the name as a logo in a cool way feel free to do so.
You can use all your creativity to make something special!

But here are some suggestions you can do:

1. Inspired by “VapyWednesday”

The logo can convey the emotion of a well-functioning life situation. So being motivated, excited, engaged, hyped and critical yet clear minded. Open for new scientific results and open to live life to its fullest with the help of our research and movement.

2. Inspired by “Science/Medicine”

The logo can convey ideas about science, especially in the fields of medicine or medical cannabis. Keep it serious and minimalistic.

3. Inspired by the letters

The name "VapyWednesday" by its own edited as a sign. Play with the initial letters, combine them, make art with them, make them something that represents us or even work with the whole text.

4. Inspired by “Cannabis”

The logo can have a little input of cannabis related designs. But don’t do it too stereotypically (dont overdo it), it should be serious and clean.

5. Inspired by “Vaporizer”

As it is part of the brand name it could be used to create our logo, too. The logo can convey the idea/process of vaporizing. Particularly the light, pure, healthy vapor, the safe heat and the tasty flavor. As always clean, simple and serious.

Or do whatever comes up in your mind!

The first point mentioned is that the preferred ones are the first two though. But do what you think fits us the most, combine them play with them, make it unique!

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)
  • Television/screen

This design should not have this in the entries

- Anything too crazy or unserious

- Neon colors etc.

- Too many colors

- Tediousness

Colors to use in the design

Shades of green, white, black, shades of gray, brown

These are just suggestions, feel free to use whatever to suit us or combine with whatever you like.

Briefly describe your contest

The contest is an important part of our development and a serious keypoint to this industry. If your into a healthy lifestyle, cannabis or simply inte